A Thin Line

September 16th, 2008 Posted by Janelle comments (9)

Linda Evangelista and Tyson Ballou steam up the latest issue of W – the stunning duo crisscross the line between affection and anger as a pair of volatile lovers in Steven Klein’s War of the Roses inspired Love/Hate editorial. The eternally magnetic Evangelista displays her chameleonic abilities in a series of wigs while Ballou sports eye patch and a series of risqué ensembles.

Linda Evangelista and Tyson Ballou by Steven Klein for W

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  1. Fabio Lage says:

    Wow, amazing pics!!
    I love Linda!!!

  2. Jeane says:

    I love you, Linda Evangelista!

    Tyson looks cool on the eye patch. What a dynamic duo!

  3. redredruby78 says:

    Amazing…she is looking really good

  4. raie says:

    is that from givenchy?

  5. photorama says:

    FANTASTIC! Is that the blond wig from the video for Too Funky?? LOL

  6. Mike says:

    tyson is so hot

  7. ryder says:

    when i first saw this editorail i’ve thought that this is g.van seemus.
    linda is great! always flawless! always a perfect model!

    go george michael 🙂

  8. KM says:

    This editorial is rocking my entire universe! Great work by Linda and Tyson! The entire editorial can be seen at the DNA website.

  9. Deivid says:

    Linda o nome já diz tudo né… Eis aqui a maior diva das modelos ainda não surgiu nenhuma modelo como Linda Evangelista que simplismente ama o que faz e é modelos 24h por dia, não como estas modelos de agora que assim que saem de desfiles ou editoriais colocam seus jeans sujos e seus alstar velhos e vão para suas casas feias e amarguradas.
    Linda provou sempre que ser modelo é ser modelos de exemplo como ela que soube dar a volta quando caiu e voltou ao topo e de lá ninguém a tira.
    I love Linda!!!

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