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December 29th, 2009 Posted by Janelle comments (26)

The Spring / Summer season is all about star power and modeling’s best and brightest have taken command of the new round of campaigns. Givenchy’s Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott helmed campaign boasts the dynamic duo of Mariacarla Boscono and Natalia Vodianova, surrounded by Simon Nessman, Emil Dostovic and Eduardo Calero: the simple pictures show off Riccardo Tisci’s unforgettable collection and the great line up of models.

Natasha Poly and Ryan Kennedy add a touch of glamour to Gucci, the Russian supermodel gives some of her most impressive poses as Mert & Marcus capture every moment in rich color.

Last but not least Raquel Zimmermann goes classic for Chloe, the subdued campaign gets back to the brand’s heritage. Fashion fans may remember Raquel’s last Chloe campaign from back in 07.




Scans by Northern Star

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  1. AJP says:

    Natalia and Mariacarla look so good!

  2. Mango says:

    I love Raquel for Chloé: Simple but stunning.

  3. Gustavo says:

    OK SO THEN….this is the Givenchy campaign that people were buzzing about for so many weeks???
    oh Jesus….

  4. eeek says:

    Natalia V. looks good with dark hair, younger.

  5. happyhappy says:

    How about some new and different models for a change. Natalia, Raquel, Natasha and Mariacarla are great but i think they are also a little overexposed.

  6. Amanda says:

    Thank you for linking my blog! I really appreciate it a lot. Hope all of you had a wonderful Holidays!

  7. cctvb says:

    MCB outshines everyone AS ALWAYS!

  8. Calvin says:

    Natalia looks great here! And those three male models are givine me fever!

  9. GP says:

    Natasha Poly looks so hot in that post. So Gucci…………..

  10. danny says:

    natasha is amazing!!!

  11. Samira says:

    Chloe looks beside Givenchy best

  12. *Monika* says:

    Love them all, Chloe rocks the right spot spot spot.

  13. damnthatlion says:

    much prefer this new Givenchy campaign to last season’s, and Chloe is classic in the best possible way, but didn’t they also shoot Eva Herzigova and Anna Jagodzinska for that?

  14. Oshcar says:

    Natalia and Mariacarla are such a great duo for the Givenchy ad, but it still looks a little bland. The boys look too young and not stunning enough. Natasha looks perfect like always and this Gucci ad and the cruise one are bringing Gucci back to having my favorite ads of the season. Representing the label so well. Good choice bringing back Raquel for Chloe. She’s not my favorite, but she works it so well.

  15. Beatrice says:

    I just viewed the new gucci s/s 2010. natasha poly and ryan kennedy are divine gucci has “Up-ed” their campaigns the sneak peek views of the upcoming campaign of them are amazing im love with the new campaign and the cruise campaign. tre chic! as for chole i preferred last season was better raquel is stunning in chole.

  16. carola says:

    The Gucci ad is cool, Natasha is a goddess, and it looks very rich, very Gucci, but there’s something a little repetitive in these Gucci campaigns.. I guess I miss the Tom Ford days.

    About the Givenchy ads I think the opposite, I think the male models look hot while the girls look a bit boring.

    And well, not a bad Chloe campaign, it just seems a little too classic for me, had it been another model it would’ve been a disaster.

  17. Antonio Barros says:
  18. Michel Tileri says:

    Natasha Poly is Gucci to me, No model have done a Gucci
    campaign BETTER” then Nataha. During New York fashion
    week i was Talking to her and telling her that NO ONE”
    done a Gucci campaign as good as her.. let the truth be told..

    runway weekly

  19. JLM says:

    Mariacarla Boscono……………..

    Natalia looks so good. and the ad itself is really good. This is the good batch of campaigns so far.

    Hm, Raquel for Chloe, I envision a more delicate looking model instead. but nonetheless, she captures it, but it just doesn’t feel right.

  20. JLM says:

    Ok, in the givenchy, the only guy that fits this campaing like a glove is the guy featured on the left to Natalia. otherwise, hm, I just don’t see them as right for this campaign.


  21. modelobello says:

    I love raquel but honestly! she has to retire as number one even though shes not icon-material yet! shes not number one anymore and shes definitely robbing other models away from their number 1 stop like natasha and lara who should have already been number 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Marcus says:

    mariacarla is the epitome of a givenchy girl in my opinion, raven haired with strong features. love her here. simon too.

    poly for gucci, done and done. her figure is ridiculous…can the girl ever take a bad picture?

    raquel looks great in chloe but i much prefer the “in-motion” shots we saw in fw07, ss09 & fw09. just feels a bit bland…

  23. Gav says:

    Great to see simon having a good season.

  24. Josh says:

    I love Raquel, but she does not scream Chloe to me. I liked the group shots of the last two Chloe campaigns. I would have used Anya Kazakova, Magdalena Frackowiak, & Bregje Heinen

  25. Bitato says:

    Natasha must be in the Icons girl .
    she’s not supermodel anymore ! She’s a Icon.

  26. JUJU says:

    totally agree that natasha should be in the icon list

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