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September 15th, 2008 Posted by Janelle comments (3)

Modeling strives on youth, energy and modernity – the search for the next great face is an unending pursuit and with hundreds of new girls and boys surfacing at every moment it can be difficult to pinpoint the standouts. Empire Management’s Brandon Fox is a star in the making – with a rare combination of boyish good looks and worldly insouciance Fox is a cut above the rest. The charming Philadelphian began his first season in New York as an exclusive for designer Patrik Ervell, on the eve of his debut Brandon sat down with MDC to talk style, film and what life is like for a rising model.

MDC: How were you discovered?

I went to a convention in Philadelphia and Ryan Colby who is my agent now was there. I actually went for acting and Ryan saw me at the event and said to me ‘do you want to come up to New York and model.”

MDC: So you’ve only been in New York for a little while – how has it been for you so far?

New York is very different from Philadelphia – it’s a little like Disneyland, fun to visit but you wouldn’t necessarily want to live there. Everyone I’ve worked with has been cool so far though – really nice and down to earth.

MDC: Are you looking forward to the European shows?

I haven’t had the opportunity to travel just yet, I think this January I’m going to get to go to Paris – I just got signed with Success there. I’m extremely excited to go and see what Paris is all about.

MDC: You’ve got a lot of style – what do you like to wear usually?

I found out about Patrik Ervell and when I went to his showroom and I was blown away by his clothes. They’re are exactly what I’ve been looking for – the exact style I’ve been trying to find. Usually though I go to thrift stores and I look for raggedy old clothes no one wants to wear anymore but I love to.

MDC: Since you came from an acting background initially, who are some of your favorite directors or actors?

There are so many but Gus Van Sant is pretty much my all time favorite director, everything he’s ever done has been great. I’m into dramatic thrillers – anything that speaks to me. Edward Norton a favorite actor but he’s everybody’s favorite though. I’ve actually recently gotten into River Phoenix’s work, My Own Private Idaho especially.

Brandon Fox at Patrik Ervell

Brandon’s first walk down the Ervell catwalk

The Empire Models Team

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  1. DamienRausch says:

    How Young is too young? This guy looks alright but in my opinion he looks like hes in junior high. Where is his age? Noticed a name up there too thats… ahem

  2. ryan colby says:

    Brandon is 19yrs and will be 20 in a few weeks. he looks young but, he is the same age as all the top working boys in the industry.

  3. ryder says:

    star in the making!!!
    what eyes!

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