Jac the Ripper

December 10th, 2009 Posted by Janelle comments (13)

Ever since her opening slot at Calvin Klein, Jac has been on a roll, racking up campaigns and editorials. For Numero‘s December issue, Richard Bush shoots Jac looking sublime against a rocky backdrop. Though the simple black and white pictures are beautiful,  Charles Varenne‘s edgy styling takes the story to another level : check out Jac in those Givenchy pants and the Chanel bodysuit, ferocious!






Jac by Richard Bush | Courtesy of Gaga Models

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  1. Joe says:

    I am getting this magazine purely for this editorial now

  2. Marquis de Lannes says:

    Richard, un genio, un artista, un mago…


  3. Pony Ryder says:

    One of the best editorials in Jac’s portfolio! The simplicity of the background and the lighting work beautifully with the styling and Jac’s incredible posing.

  4. person says:

    This is so hot. I remember when I first started visiting the website, the first thing I saw was “Top 10 Newcomers: Jac”…and here she is!

  5. Antonio Barros says:
  6. Helena says:

    The model is perfect!

  7. angus says:

    I wasn’t sold on Jac until I saw the second last photo, it’s perfect.

  8. GP says:

    JAC!! (last name not requied). The name I have seen everywhere and remember.

    This is her best work. The 2nd photo is stunning, the post and the legs…….

  9. gabrielle says:

    there are about 5 more shots in the ed. and they are all absolutely amazing ahhhh! i love jac

  10. Samira says:

    Jac is still so young and has such a presence that’s unbelivable. Would be interesting to know what will happen when she’s 4-5 years older. My guess, she’ll become a supermodel.

  11. Debby says:

    Legs Baby

  12. marvoi says:


  13. emmeline says:


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