Double the Pleasure

September 1st, 2008 Posted by Janelle comments (6)

Elsa Sylvan does double duty with not one but two covers of Muse 14. Putting her versatility to the test Elsa takes on both sides of elegance – playing an eccentric glamour girl on one cover and avant-garde twins on the next. The Horst Diekgerdes photographs show an intriguing side of Sylvan and give a glimpse into the daring aesthetic of the fall season. Click here to visit Muse’s site.

Elsa Sylvan/Viva, DNA. Ph: Horst Diekgerdes for Muse 14. Pics courtesy of Muse

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  1. Jeremiah Van Wagenen says:

    I’ve noticed Elsa for quite a while now. I’m shocked she hasn’t made it to to the top 50 list.

    I think she’s more striking than most of the women on the list. She looks like a very young Grace Kelly. Which is far more superior to the mail order brides on that list.

  2. fia says:

    The top 50 list has nothing do with looks, it’s not a beauty ranking. Elsa just hasn’t booked enough high profile eds and campaigns. But I hope she’s getting there. Some nice work lately for W, Numéro, Vogue Deutsch… and I was very pleased to see her in the CK Jeans campaign. And these covers rock. She’s a great model!

  3. fia says:

    Btw, the official Muse Myspace says the covers were shot by Horst Diekgerdes??

  4. Mike says:

    loooove elsa
    what a dynamic face
    i loved her int hat w editorial right when fall looks came out

  5. ryder says:

    her face is flowless…
    i really hope that she will book more campaigns for i really wanna c her in top50.

    what a great cover.

  6. Betty says:

    Yes, our mistake.. it’s fixed.. and now reads Horst. The Fabio pics are coming…


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