Garrett Looms

August 22nd, 2008 Posted by Betty comments (6)

Looking very Greek god like perched on Olympus, Garrett causes a traffic jam on the corner of Lafayette and Houston in NYC.

Garrett for Calvin Klein body. pic courtesy of CLICK

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  1. Bombchell - in Atlanta says:

    cute. but if u analyze the picture, on the right, u’ll see a traffic light, and its yellow, so its about to be red and people are getting ready to cross.

    but its still cute (^_^)

  2. raie says:

    ohhh that boy deserves it!!!!!!!!!!! OHH MANNNNNNNN

    real Man!!

  3. DooDiva says:

    For real?! The drivers better find excuse to not look at that hot god-like man while driving!

    Ohh, hope they will be not in hot water!

    Hee hee, ;p

  4. Eric_Gabriel says:

    is that really lafayette and houston?

  5. Betty says:

    Yes, I grew up around there and worked in the area for 10 years.


  6. Sandra says:

    I think ur hot!! and have the best body ever!!! Marry me Garrett!!

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