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November 18th, 2009 Posted by Janelle comments (20)

Isabeli Fontana, adds a strong dose of glamor to any editorial she appears in, making her the perfect model to show off this seasons glitziest jewelry. Vogue US taps the Brazilian babe for a story full of over the top, energetic charm – everything in this story is BIG, from the statement jewels, to the teased hair. The bombastic style of Terry Richardson‘s snapshots fits the theme perfectly but, it would have also been fun to see some of the playful sexiness both Terry and Isabeli do so well.






Isabeli Fontana by Terry Richardson | Scan by fashionstopface @ TFS

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  1. Fire says:

    That’s my girl! Extremely gorgeous! Love all the shots!

  2. sunbin says:

    i like her hair….haha and her face and of course these pics…

  3. person says:

    Vogue US never fails to disappoint
    No wait yea it does…like now

  4. Marquis de Lannes says:

    Porque yo lo valgo!

  5. Netto says:

    The queen

  6. Nigel S. says:

    Isabeli is so so so very amazing. It doesn’t make any sense at all!! This woman is divine. She’s been one of my top 4 favorite models since 02. That face..and that body.. And how cool is it that she’s doing LV!

  7. kc says:

    love it! terry richardson truely knows how to take interesting, GREAT PICTURES!
    i love the hint of snap-shots in his pictures!

  8. sam says:

    amazing model she has supermodel quality

  9. francesca says:

    Isabeli is very expressive and make the editorial funny/sexy/everything. just perfect! she keeps on booking a lot of stuff

  10. liz says:

    <3 Isabeli!
    I recognize that as of lately Terry is having his pics retouched much more than he use to in the past

  11. sam says:

    why dont is that shes not getting all the biggest contracts, i mean yea shes doing wel but i want to see her rock ralph lauren, baleciaga, dolce gabbana, chanel ADS all over, shes sexy and interesting enough to do so, im tired of seeing all these skinny size 0’s do all these major campaigns, dont get me wrong covers and editorials are nice but its da campaigns dat make you a big deal or a true FASHION FACE

  12. GP says:

    I love her and she is always my favorite model for years. Don’t know why she could not go futher or she didn’t want to?

    The shoots here are abit boring to me.

  13. Amber says:

    American Vogue is so wack. Aside from Grace Coddington there is no magic or excitement. Anna Wintour how do you not see how banal 95% of your magazine is?!

  14. david says:

    LOVE Isabelli, but this is T-I-R-E-D

  15. Fire says:

    This is AMAZING! I’m hipnotized by Isabeli! :-! x x x x x

  16. clear says:

    interesting story about life here showing… a bit loook like Anna Wintщur style)))

  17. clear says:

    oh…. sorry eveeybody!!! Anna Wintour specially=)

  18. Miya Anderson says:

    Wow, all these shots are amazing!!!!!!

  19. shannon says:

    nice to see Terry tone it down a bit.

  20. pierre garroudi says:

    fantastic shots

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