20 years of L'Equipe

August 12th, 2008 Posted by Betty comments (8)

2008 marks 20 years of L’Equipe Agence in Brazil. Jeisa Cheminazzo, Marcelo Boldrini, Alexandre Cunha, Fernando Johan, Miro Moreira and Douglas Neitzke are just a few of Brazil’s finest to come out of L’Equipe.

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  1. KL says:

    They used to strong with men…but now this agency has only the trashiest commercial cast of models in Brazil…

  2. Betty says:

    If you are going to say this, you should back up and say who you
    are. Who knows if you are a rival agent or someone who was dropped by them? You might say negative things but to me, they
    have Miro (who is a young Brazilian on the rise) and Douglas and Alexandre (both very popular Brazilian models). This doesn’t say trashy at all…


  3. KL says:

    Well so they are back with nice guys I feel happy seriously, but girls excuse me Betty besides Jeisa who has been huge but now has been just around and around( did u see last cover of brazilian Elle? A monster she looks like) I have nothing personal against Lequipe at all, to understand where I am comming from double check their female casting basically trashy commercial mammas and in my personal taste I can say I hate this!

  4. Betty says:

    “Model=Monster” not cool at all to say. Very mean in fact.
    Every agency has their strong points, there are some boards that have stronger men than women. Click is a good example, great men’s board, women’s board has definitely skewed more commercial. And you know what, just cause it’s not your taste, you don’t have to call them trashy…. The models are people too, with feelings like you and me. Think a little before you write. You can express your opinions without being downright rude. One always shows their class when they write, especially on an anonymous board like this.

  5. cma says:

    I hope douglas neitske get more work he is awesome 🙂 :O

  6. sarah nickol says:

    congrats all for 20 years, for me, the casting are amazing…

  7. CLEANN ORBEN says:

    Cara Betty,

    A saber posso posso indicar um amigo e conseguir agenciá-lo na L’EQUIPE? Ele está em início de carreira como modelo, seu nome é LAVOISIER, tem 19 anos, possui boock com fotos excelentes e já participou de algumas campanhas, já fez parte do casting da ELLITE MODELS.

    Abaixo segue o endereço do Orkut dele, caso queira acessar:


    Agradeço à atenção.


  8. estefane says:

    as fotos ficaram massa !
    bjussss amooo a boock!

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