Hello, Bombshells

November 4th, 2009 Posted by Janelle comments (109)

The angels are upon us – Victoria’s Secret has bestowed the oh so coveted Angel wings on 5 lucky models! The newest angels join a group that already includes VS legends like Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio and each fresh face brings something different to the table. Some are VS familiars, while others are just getting their start with the iconic brand. Take a look at the latest girls to get their wings and tell us what you think.


Rosie Huntington Whiteley


Emanuela de Paula


Candice Swanepoel


Lindsay Ellingson


Chanel Iman


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  1. jose says:

    chanel? r they seruios?

  2. ehi says:

    too skinny and no smolder in their eyes besides the first 3 angels- looking forward to the show!

  3. RODRIGO DUTRA says:

    12 angels now!!! I think that is a little too much but at the same time I’m

  4. RODRIGO DUTRA says:

    SO happy that Manu (Emanuela) became an Angel and Candice I always knew that she will become an Angel someday.
    Chanel I think is gonna make the fashion world a little surpised because no one would think of that haha

  5. ChanelFan says:

    YES! GO Chanel <3

  6. YP says:

    I don’t like Chanel for VS, she can’t be editorial AND high fashion AND commercial! She must choose…

  7. X says:

    retouchs are so bad… Look at the shadows on their faces…
    Interesting casting except Chanel !!!

  8. Nik says:

    I saw the commercial for the first time yesterday, and my mouth hit the floor!!!! I couldnt believe it, Chanel finally got her wings!!!! Doutzen just oozes VS, which I find amazing considering how coveted she was 4 years ago on the high fashion end.! So how many angels are there now, and who are they?

  9. Calvin says:

    Chanel is one fierce muffin. Rosie is hot as all get out. No surprise with those two espeically with Chanel. She’s awesome on the runway. Cannot wait to see her do her thing. Both Candice and Lindsay were absolute stand outs for me last show but to throw them to Angel status? Eh. Same with Emanuela. But then again, I was surprised with Selita and Marissa but they learned to turn it out!


  10. Liv says:

    I like Emanuela. That’s it.

  11. JT says:

    First three angels, gorgeous, especially Rosie. Chanel, you must be kidding me!

  12. jeremydante says:

    chanel is on the come up. i love it. she’s a bad bitch. my blog readers are gonna go ape shit.

  13. Fernando says:

    Chanel better work!!!! She coming to join Iman, Tyra, Beverly, Liya and Naomi ranks.

  14. Antonio Barros says:

    Woooow! Rosie is gorgeous!!!!! 🙂


  15. AP says:

    Emanuela (my personal favorite).
    I love her skin tone & cheekbones, STUNNING.
    Her lips!Face is SO beautiful.
    A really cute look, her eyes! super pretty!
    well, shes pretty- but nothing special.
    of course she’s gourgeous, but an Angel? I only see her in editorial.

  16. Marquis de Lannes says:

    Los colores son fantasticos!

  17. Antonio Marcus says:

    Dang! Very well done!

  18. Derek says:

    – Emanuela is stunning and perfect for VS. She should had became an angel a long time ago since Selita left.
    – Chanel is an amazing high fashion model. But she is not right for VS.
    – Candice is sexy and has an interesting beauty. Very good for VS. I think she should join Behati in the Pink Line and become a angel “in the future”. She is not ready yet.
    Rosie – She is looking good in this picture, but she is not sexy enough or interesting enough for VS.
    Lindsay – Pretty and no sexy appeal. She should not be an angel.

    Oh, how I miss the old angels group!

    Alessandra, Adriana, Gisele, Heidi and Tyra (Karolina and Izabel Goulart were nice too)

    And how come models like Ana Beatriz Barros, Isabeli Fontana, etc are not angels ?!?

  19. AJP says:

    That’s interesting how they picked Chanel. I’m quite surprised

  20. Bernadette says:

    I meant to say Emmanuel, not Candice. Candice is pretty….but Emmanuela de Palo pops off the page with her cafe au lait skin. Very much like Selita..I wonder if she is a little Spanish, or Italian with that last name. The reason why I like the VS Angel cuz it is refreshing, with full bodied 80s-90s glamour. These are healthy girls, not “quirky”, which seem like a disembodied blur o heroin chic ghosts…god bless V,S,

  21. Lucius says:

    CHANEL?? Really? Since when is she sexy?… What is sexy now Victoria? … I mean, huh? really?

    And I don’t know about you, but I think I’m missing the brown hair/tanned skin look here, I see no balance… there’s too much blond hair/blue eyes and too much black… The brunette babe is gone!

  22. Amarilla says:

    Emmanuel De Paula is the most captivating out of this group of girls, has a beautiful and attractive face, and sells the clothing I think more than anyone else can from this crew. I can’t even tell you how many guys I know that stop and stare every time they look at her photo in the VS display windows, as well as the other veterans like Adriana Lima and Miranda Kerr. VS is known for that beautiful-to-die-for-face-and-body and I feel she fits right into that.

    VS is known for more voluptuous models with bodies and Chanel Iman just doesn’t have that body. Express, Gap, Marc Jacobs – Okay I can dig it. Victoria Secret – just doesn’t make sense for her based on her body type and general bone structure. I just smell the shadow of Tyra (in whatever means) from a mile away on that one.

  23. NAGL says:

    the girls are beautiful but the thoverly retouched images are not good, sometimes less is more

  24. NAGL says:

    – overly

  25. VS Fan says:

    Being an angel is not something that exclusive anymore. What a pitty!
    Adriana, Alessandra, Heidi, Marisa, Doutzen and Emanuela would be more than enough.

  26. paco says:

    i can’t belive that ana beatriz barros is not an angel. i mean she is gorgeus, and she has been in the vs fashion shows for years!

  27. Gustavo says:

    Im still getting used to the idea that Chanel is a VS angel, but anyway, i want the best for her.
    No surprise Emanuela de Paula got it! She is one of the most beautiful models representing Brazil internationally! Look at her skin! flawless, very cafe au lait like someone saud above! This girl Candice looks very 90´s supermodel but unfortunately i cant see her face! But they sure made some pretty good choices!!

  28. Charlotte says:

    Yes!! She is gorgeous and I am so happy to see her land this! She is a runway veteran and definitely knows how to work it!

  29. ryan says:

    Seriously Chanel Iman?? This will be interesting

  30. Daniel says:

    Rosie- Always loved this girl, screams Victoria’s Secret. She fits perfectly into joining among the ranks of being an Angel.

    Emanuela- Very beautiful. Very commercial. But for some reason I can’t believe they never decided to make Liya an Angel a while ago. Still till this day will never understand that. Liya is gorgeous. But Emanuela is also great.

    Candice- Very pretty but I kinda feel like she looks like Rosie. And we all know Rosie is gorgeous.

    Lindsay- No comment:./

    Chanel- Ok, now we all know Chanel is one of the it girls of the moment but we also all know that Chanel is a complete editorial girl. She does not have the curves to fill out with being a Victoria’s Secret Angel. Granted she is beautiful but she’s just not commercial enough. I usually never say this but girl better end up gaining a couple of llbs. Fill out those cups instead of getting them babies retouched to look bigger. But love the girl and wish her the best of luck. Its a surprising casting choice but I don’t think she will let anyone down. Beautiful girl, big personality!

  31. GP says:

    I love rosie the best. I am as surprised as you guys that Chanel is chosen. The photo here doesn’t look like her, I thought it was a new black girl before I saw her name.Cant wait for the show.

  32. VSFan says:

    Neither Lindsay or Chanel have Victoria’s Secret bodies. I guess I’m old school, but I want lingerie to be worn on some curves, and while both are still young, I just wish they had more to work with. I mean, TYRA, HEIDI, KAROLINA, DANIELA, YASMEEN, LAETICIA, STEPHANIE, KAREN, ADRIANA, HELENA, SELITA; those are/were the angels that has/have the quintessential VS body. However, both of them are gorgeous, and I wish them the best.

    The rest of the ladies OOZE Victoria’s Secret. Emanuela, Candice, and Rosie have faces and bodies that jump off the page of a VS catalog, and it’s no surprise they were chosen as angels.

  33. sam says:

    its kinda shocking to me but so EXCITING,
    ROSIE: shes really hot and has that edgy but sexy look (adriana,miranda)
    EMMANUEL:shes lyk da new black girl of VS totally sexy and hot curvy (tyra, selita)
    CANDICE: totaly love her shes lyk da new fresh blonde with some egde (karolina, marisa)
    LINDSAY:not so sure bout her thin curves but she looks real cute i think she’ll grow into VS shes lyk da “baby angel” (alessandra, doutzen)
    CHANEL: wow totaly shocked da crazy thing is she hasnt even done a VS show yet and she’s bein graced as an angel, da girl can walk but shes jus a bit to thin (???)

  34. TxGirl says:

    Rosie is beyond gorgeous. I love Lindsay too… but my fave VS girl is Behati Prinsloo I wish they would have picked her to be an angel!!! Not a big fan of Chanel. Can’t wait for the show.

  35. GP says:

    Rosie looks like Linda V:)

  36. marvoi says:

    candice and rosie are sooooooooooooooooo hot! lindsay and chanel are surprises, we’l have to wait and see

  37. saff says:

    i’m so shocked with chanel.. what??
    really love rosie, lindsay n emanuela..

  38. Lawrence says:

    Rosie and Candice for sure…Emanuela and Lindsay (new Angels in the making)…Chanel (surprise surprise!!!)…this year is quite and awkward year for VS Angels…2 of their Veterans (Heidi & Adriana) are preggers and will no make the show…Karolina did not get her contract renewed so she’s out of this years show…Selita either quit or got fired (I’m not sure, I only heard rumors) only remaining Angels are Alessandra (one of their Veterans), and then there’s Doutzen, Marisa, and Miranda….VS shakeup indeed, unless by some miracle they can pull it together!!!

  39. Anthony says:

    Lindsay and Rosie are kind of boring, I would not have picked them … Chanel should focus in her high fashion career, she as a big potential, I do not see her as a VS Angel … Emanuela will be the perfect black angel, she was the best choice by far.

  40. Ivonna says:

    I miss the real angels of VS who were actual SUPERMODELS able to be editorial and sexy…aka….Gisele, Adri, KK, Ale A…

    I LOVE de Paula, and Rosie’s ok, but I absolutely have no clue what VS was thinking making Lindsey and Chanel angels!!!!!! SO boring!!! And way to thin, if they are suppossed to be bombshells they are far from it!

    I pray for the day when I will see the old angels back, or atleast real supermodels!

    VS got it all wrong!

  41. Alex says:

    Why Chanel??? I dont get it.. Rosie and Emmanuelle are amazing.

  42. ambigous says:

    Hey kudos to VS for signing the Luscious Rosie. That girl has all the right goods to represent the sexiest brand on the planet.

    But why did you guys sign up Chanel Iman? She’s not ripe yet for Be even for as a show model, let alone bestow her the prestigious Angel status. She’s a great high end model but she’s not sexy enough, and way too skinny. Where’s Jourdan Dunn?

    Anyways, congratulation to you Miss Rosie. You came a long way, from the girl who starts her career copying Kate Moss to working the sideline as a filler girl at the VS shows to winning the ultimate prize!!! You did it,and well deserved so.

    Ps: in comparison, Chanel Iman has all the luck.

  43. MDC_397502 says:

    I don’t think Chanel has the right look at all. She’s much too boney and her face is far too small. She’s much more editorial than commercial. I just don’t think she’s stereotypically “sexy” enough for VS. Rosie is PERFECT for the job though! Reminds me of Miranda Kerr a bit 🙂

  44. andre says:

    lindsay and chanel?? what the???

  45. Timothy Rosado says:

    Chanel does not fit as a VS girl, and the retouching isnt good. but Emanuela looks PHENOMENAL.

  46. Nigel S. says:

    Rosie and Emanuela for me. Rosie is so so very VS.

    Emanuela looks like a real woman and not a little twat. Her skin really is divine.

    Not so sure about the Candice love..she looks like an adult film star..but I suppose VS wanted some of that in the mix!?

    Lindsay is a great runway model, but her face has been carrying the same blankness for years…

    very interesting choice w/ Chanel Iman. But she sure knows how to turn it up on the runway. The girl can walk her behind (or lack there of) off. Not to mention that her eye for fashion is a force! The girl gets it.
    Though, she does look a touch draggish in this photo.

  47. cha cha says:

    I’m a big fan of Chanel and i think we must give her a chance,never wrong if you can do both side of world; editorial and commercial.
    I think there’s a reason that VS choose her to be one of their angel and i do believe she will give the best.

  48. Mmmm says:

    rosie isn;t sexy enough !! are you on crack


  49. sam says:

    look dont get me wrong guys , CHANEL is amazing but for VS??? idk and on top of that an angel???? she jus isnt curvy enough, and its hard to picture her being a VS model coz she’s never even done a VS show, a better choice would be JESSICA WHITE she shouldve got signed a long time ago.
    and for ppl who are iffy bout lindsay, i think she’ll do great , i saw in the victoria secret interview and shes gorgeous, she’ll bee lyk da baby victoria secret angel and grow lyk MIRANDA KERR and ALESSANDRA AMBROSIO use to be

  50. Luigi says:

    Wonderful angels, my favourite is Emanuela.

  51. Devore says:

    its about time they gave it to rosie. i agree with the person beforeme though..why has isabelli not been an angel? is she to old now? i really dont think chanel is ready but if she had a big head before being an angel…oh boy lol

  52. Debby says:

    amazing i like de paula, rosie and candice

  53. Eva says:

    Anyone who say’s Rosie isn’t sexy enough is obviously being ridiculous … Have you not seen her famous Agent Provocateur commercial? Every guy I know downloaded it & has it on their computers/phones!

  54. Zoe says:

    Too many angel! Victoria’s Secret needed only 1 more angel, a black one, so im my opinion, only Emanuela de Paula should be picked. She pure perfection, by the way.

  55. Mark says:

    Rosie is so avarage in my opinion. I do not think she will last too long as an angel.
    VS has to look for girls as sexy as Adriana, Alessandra, Laetitia Casta, Ana Beatriz Barros, Heidi were. Chanel and Candice are more exotic, I like them. Emanuela is amazing, she do deserves to be an angel.

  56. sam says:

    actualy zoe, IZABEL GOULART, SELITA EBANKS, and KAROLINA KURKOVA are done with there angel contracts and HIEDI is seriously getting kinda boring, also ADRIANA,ALESSANDRA are reaching the end of there contracts soon, so they need new faces to start a new breed/era of SUPER VS models (although i dont kno bout chanel)

    P.S i did see the VS commercial wit chanel and she looked super thin!!

  57. brucegisele says:

    Emanuela SHOULD HAVE BEEN AN ANGEL LOOOOOOOOOONG TIME AGO! When Alessandra, Adriana GOT preggies, She was the only one I look forward to seeing in the commercials. She is VICTORIA’S SECRET. Nit since Gisele,Alessandra and Adriana… has A girl had the definition of VS down to a tee. Candice, I had feeling would be one, thank god so move over Miranda Kerr… I love CHANEL IMAN, A lot… BUT SHE NEEDS TO GAIN A FEW POUNDS TO BE THAT TYPE GIRL, I THINK SHE CAN DO IT. I WITH A LITTLE WEIGHT, SHE WILL MORE LIKE A WOMEN AND DEFINITELY SEE HER GETTING BOOK MORE FOR Versace…. but THAT COMMERCIAL I SAW YESTERDAY AND I Chanel Iman face.. she has it, the girl’s got. I see why they chose her. Rosie earned it, And like CHANEL homegirl Lindsey needs to gained some weight in the right spots.

  58. Phillipe says:

    Chanel should be left in editorial. I do not find her appealing for lingerie. i could see rosie working with VS for a long time. but chanel? she might be getting a little too overated now i dont sexy

  59. Alisson Chornak says:


  60. sam says:

    dont get me wrong chanel is a really gd model in terms of physical features and body movement(walking/posing) but them curves need to start comin soon

  61. Gustavo says:

    i miss the days when the VS runways had less photographers and more real looking women like Yasmeen Ghauri and Eugenia Silva.

  62. AJP says:

    I just saw the new TV commercial for Victoria’s Secret with all of these above girls, and it was amazing! Chanel actually looked really sexy and exotic.

  63. Joseph says:

    I am Team Chanel <3!!! I love her! She has this, underestimated sexy look! And she CAN do HF and commercial! If you’re smart you’ll find a way to manage both! It just means more money!

  64. Ivonna says:

    Oh and 12 Angels really????, what happenned to 2004 when there were 5? It’s probably because they think they need 12 to even try to get the beauty and personality of one of the old VS models.

  65. danny says:

    the last two are not so VS

  66. Miya Anderson says:

    I think all of them are beautiful but I think Rosie and Emanuela work better for VS. It’s hard to see great models like Adriana Lima and Ana Beatriz Barros move on.

  67. mark says:

    I hate hate hate what I am seeing. I get the VTS looks but
    OMG this is not what I what to see of the girls I have work
    and supported.

  68. CO says:

    Rooting for Chanel but I think she needs a little more weight on her. Arlenis Sosa would have been a better pick. More girl next door, yet very very sexy.


  69. M.ia says:

    Chanel and Lindsay. no efin way. they are like little girls, no curves…not VS Angel material…sorry…
    Rosie and Candice are just too sexy.. 🙂

  70. oyevay says:

    Rosie grew on me since the 2006 show. Love her face. Emanuella is just stunning. Very happy for her. Candice, too. She has an amazing walk and body. And lets not talk about how she looks like a porn star when Marissa Miller is walking the show, too haha. Lindsay is cute. PINK model, for sure. Aaannd last, and certainly least, Chanel. I’m sure the girl is big news in HF and editorials, but Victoria’s Secret. Really? She has negative curves and a cutesy face. I’d say PINK model, if anything

  71. china doll says:

    LINDSAY!!! great for her, she deserved it!!! <3

  72. Rob says:

    If Chanel can become an Angel, Natasha Poly most DEFINITELY needs to do the show again! cause Natasha has to have more weight on her than Chanel!

    I hope these girls can live up to the previous Angels and Doutzen 🙂

  73. sam says:

    candice and emmanuela are hot!!!! rosie’s gorgeous and lindsays cute, chanel is jus to thin 4 this brand

  74. Steff@NY says:

    I’m excited for the new girls. Doutzen deserves this! I love Chanel but it’s gonna take a second to get used to this.. she’ll bring it though!
    …I saw Nat Poly in the catalog, will she also be earning her wings anytime soon?

  75. SEllV says:

    Rosie is just oh sooo elegant and poised.. Its about time!

  76. Uk says:

    Emanuela will rock! She is damn hot.

  77. ambiguous says:

    isabelli Fontana, Natalia vodianova and Valentina Zelaeva would made truly gorgeous Angels. I guess they are Bigger Stars for this job. I can see the perks of the contract on lesser stars like Rosie, manu and Oman, though.

  78. Ana says:

    EMANUELA!!!! so happy for her, she should have been an angel a very long time ago. She just oozes what VS represents.

    chanel on the other hand I’m hoping is some type of joke…like at the VSFS this year they will be like oops just kidding. we lied to you! lol

  79. Paula says:

    I really do not see anything on Lindsay and Rosie for an Angel. I think that requires something more than just the face that they use as sexy.
    Emanuela and Candice are wonderful and I do not know about Chanel

  80. sam2 says:

    Really? Chanel is about 12 years old. What kinda women are they trying to sell to?

  81. violet says:

    chanel iman ????????? not a fan of her. I think eniko mihalik would be a better choice. Anyway, gonna look out for chnel as a VS’s angel.

  82. violet says:

    natasha poly definitely has to be on the show again. she so deserves it.

  83. Highfashionmodel says:

    i like Chanel Iman …..gorgeous

  84. ambiguous says:

    Well I hope Chanel wont scare the average viewer at the show. Chanel looks like a 12 yr teen and really really skinny. She will be parading in bra and panties! High Couture,yes! But prime time tv, no!

  85. safira says:

    Chanel??You must be kidding! I don’t like her style, she is not the tyle. I love Rosie and Candice. At least they are working on the vsfs runway for at least 1 year. But Chanel ?

  86. Aurora Crowley says:

    Stunning Stunners♡

  87. carola says:

    What. I don’t get it, VS was about Stephanie Seymour, Gisele, Heidi.. then they started hiring these weird girls like Miranda, Rosie, Candice.. and now the way too thin Chanel (and I don’t mean that in a bad way, they’re just not your typical VS girls, their faces are more high fashion than commercial/sexy).

    Call me traditional but I’d rather see Ana Beatriz, Isabeli, Doutzen in lingerie than any of these girls (Emanuela is a great choice for VS though).

  88. ambiguous says:

    Abbey Lee Kershaw would be a good Angel. But abbey’s career right now is still red hot in the runway and campaign scene, maybe later. The Angel contract is good when you need to reboost your career.

  89. vsfs2009 says:

    You guys are some haters. I mean sure Chanel is skinny but dang you guys act like your the president of Victoria secret. I think chanel will do great and I love emanuela she is so freaking hot =) [I will marry her just wait lol] but anyways um did you her Liu Wen is going to walk in the show I’m so excited does anyone know when the complete list of models that will walk be posted and what site if not here?

  90. Francewurr says:

    well i think chanel iman is a great choice i i definately get the vision that victoria secret was seing when the chose her amongst the other angels i think they are all gorgeous, but if i had to disagree with one id have to say lindsay because her look does not cut it she in the rigth words sexy or exotic enough for vs has nothing to do with weigth.

    and chanel is a bad bitch so i disagree with people hating on her because she a another black girl to get her wings, and i know shes gonna let all all those hater eat the words and their hearts out for all those bad comments when she touches the runway the girl is just captivating, alluring and sexy as hell she has a face for anything higth fashion, editorial and commercial the biach is bad theres no deniying that one.
    so with that said i think victoria secrets did a good job on selection there hot fresh so fresh new faces i just love them rigth now for choosing chanel u go VS!!!!!!.

  91. emmeline says:

    i don’t like these models at all. it’s just my opinion. in my perspective, they look so…so artificial and bogus

  92. ambiguous says:

    so, I saw the Victoria’s Secret competition for amateur girls, and I must say, the competition is freaking fierce ( check youtube ). The girls are truly lovely….I hope Alicia wins!!!.

    Oh one more thing, if Chanel Iman is one of the girls in the crowd, I doubt if she even make the top 10. I’m not hating…just saying. …

  93. Team Isabeli says:

    My suggestion take this message down!!!

    VS did NOT signed these girls as their new Angels. It was some kind of mistake or something. VS took the message down as well…
    Those girls are going to be or are in the running to be… who, what, why is still a mystery! But THEY ARE NOT ANGELS!!


  94. Marin says:

    True story!

    Doutzen, Ale, Adriana, Heidi, Miranda & Marisa are the only Angels…

    Why VS presented them as Angels and took it down a few weeks later is still a mystery. but main thing is: They’re not Angels.

  95. rosie_burk says:

    Lindsay Ellingson looks 12. I’d be worried if guys thought she was attractive.

  96. Vinciano says:

    Yeah, they all signed contracts with Victoria’s Secret though. New Faces contracts as opposed to Angel contracts, so maybe the article should just be reworded instead of taken down. It’s still big model news.

  97. paris says:

    none of them are hot as adriana! why do models seem so boring nowdays? Go and date a movie star, fall out of nightclubs do something lol

  98. Carina says:

    Chanel Iman would do much better in VS Pink line. She still looks too young to be an Angel. Needs some growing up to do!

  99. Bettina says:

    Rosie: Gorgeous


    Candice: cute, but boring. There are too many like her. She kinda looks like doutzen, and between them, I choose doutzen.

    Linsdsay and Chanel: WTF? Victoria’s secret’s went totally crazy putting them. Shouldn’t be in the VS team.

    BTW, Adriana and Karolina couldn’t be in the show. Both had babies some days ago.

  100. Melisa says:

    The girls are all beautiful. I especially <3 Chanel!! She’s young and bursting with talent and I’m happy that VS picked her.


  101. Shanae K says:

    I feel that every one needs to leave Chanel alone and stop hateing. Chanel is a “SuperModel” a job that requires a model to touch and conquer every aspect of the fashion industry as they possibly can. Chanel has reached her biggest goal of working for VS and its time she received her spotlight shes worked hard for it.

    GO Chanel I look forward to seeing you do bigger and better things:)

  102. PINKvs says:

    wooooow. really linsdsay… i don’t like her for this brand, she just doesn’t have that it factor. and chanel… don’t get me wrong i love this girl but seriously…. she is deffinetly not vs material. she is way to skinny and has no boobs. she is way more editorial. i think that emanuela is so gorgeous! she looks black but is from brazil which kinda gives her a fresh spin on things. now as for candice…she would be WAY better in the PINK catergory of the brand. and rosie is a knockout but is kinde just the same old hottie.

    so emanuela is my favorite and i hope she works it!!!

  103. mamun says:

    East and west you are best
    of this world

  104. brian says:

    hi you are so beeutiful

  105. gav says:

    Emliy Didonato would have been a much better choice over lindsey ellingson.

  106. peterModelObsessed says:

    I know, I’m guilty of doubting her, but Chanel Iman is turning out to be a good VS model. She managed to look sexy and cute at the same time wholesome to meet the VS mold.

    alas, doesn’t Rosie looks old in the new tv ad?

  107. beachboyy101 says:

    WOW, good day.

  108. mhara says:

    wow..good job Candice…
    hot hot hot

  109. nina says:

    oh damn! where’s adriana lima?! russell, are you serious?

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