Vanity Fair’s Supermodels

July 30th, 2008 Posted by Betty comments (13)

Was this supposed to be the much hyped supermodels cover for September Vanity Fair? The sextet of Cindy, Stephanie, Christy, Naomi, Claudia and Linda certainly look every inch the supermodels they still are, even though Carla Bruni Sarkozy snagged the annual Style issue cover.

See other pic here at Fashion Week Daily

Check out Vanity Fair’s website, for the Carla story.

Ph: Mario Testino for Vanity Fair September 08, pic via Fashion Week Daily

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  1. jasonKanner says:


  2. cesar says:

    We should focus in NEW supemodles like Coco and Stam, Sasha, hilary…these girs are gorgeous obviously but they already had their time

  3. bluevelvet says:

    how s possible that the most beautifull woman ever look so orrible..who took the photos?????

  4. DooDiva says:

    They make me smile. They should be on VF cover instead of Carla Bruni Sarkozy who looks like drag queen on it!

  5. luvem says:

    What is with the tans? Did they go to the shoot looking like that or did they spray some fake tan on them? Whatever the case, it makes them look old and artificial. Christy and Cindy look the best

  6. Daniel says:

    oh my good! Claudia is ugly! how?

  7. Fabio Lage says:

    The naked pic is amazing!!!

  8. Welsh says:

    Yes increadible they are first supermodel for me.

  9. Paul says:

    ow yeah, they are not so well in those pics. what happened? Claudia is terrible…

    But after those girls, only Kate and Gisele have the right to use the SUPER term.

  10. fpn says:

    why are the world’s fiercest glamazons portrayed as bashful debutantes? And pretty plain ones at that. What a shame, what a waste, what an embarrassment. Pathetic, Mario

  11. Jeremiah Van Wagenen says:

    Today’s and tomorow models will never compare to the beauty that graced the runways and pictures in the 80’s and 90’s..

    Back then Models were real women. Now they’re mail order brides on the way to a funeral.

    Very depressing.

    Jeremiah Van Wagenen

  12. elle says:

    OMG … claudia schiffer is stunning … she is still beautiful after all these years !! good for her !!

  13. Marianna says:

    CINDY CRAWFORD-the most beautiful supermodel ever!

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