Exclusive: Kendall Jenner for LOVE by Mario Sorrenti

July 14th, 2014 Posted by models.com comments (10)


Kendall Jenner is one of the most talked about models of the moment and with her upcoming feature in Love Magazine her star is set to rise even higher. Mario Sorrenti (Art Partner) shoots Kendall in sumptuous black and white and the end result is a portrait of the star unlike any we’ve seen before. Looking alluring in barely there lingerie, Kendall displays a powerful sexiness completely in line with Sorrenti’s seductive aesthetic. Reaction to the shoot has already been positive, with LOVE Magazine Editor-in-Chief Katie Grand offering high praise, “Kendall is not only one of our cover stars, but one of the breakthrough faces of the season, who I loved so much that I asked her to model in three of our stories this issue.” To her credit, Kendall appreciated the privilege of working with Sorrenti with a nod to one of his most iconic photographs, “I’d never worked with Mario Sorrenti, with whom I’d wanted to shoot nudes ever since that Kate Moss Calvin image of her nude on a sofa.”

Kendall Jenner / LOVE 12 Autumn/Winter 2014
Photography: Mario Sorrenti (Art Partner) for LOVE
Styling: Katie Grand

LOVE 12 Autumn/Winter 2014 comes out Monday 28 July.


Photo courtesy of LOVE Magazine for Models.com

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  2. Brandon says:

    There is nothing interesting at all about her than the fact that she is a related to a reality show reject. Typical normal looking teen.

  3. I Don't Get it! says:

    I think she is a cute girl. But i don’t really get it! She isn’t a beauty girl or high fashion model either. I don’t know…..,

  4. Eric Del'Accort says:

    Reality show reject? LOL youre obviously an idiot. Step your own life up before you talk about people who are SO out of your league.

  5. Cinthia says:

    Eric DUDE! She is simply a NOT MODEL MATERIAL at alllllll period. Who cares about her league level!

  6. Daiya says:

    Kendall is such a beautiful Model and she’s a good girl. You look great Kendall! Go Get’em! She is going to be very Successful as a Model.

  7. Damache Anamaria says:

    This a great photography.

  8. Davis Icon says:

    seriously, I give credit where credit is due.
    “the most talked about model of the moment”, seriously?

  9. The_Blah says:

    “she’s not a model, blah blah blah” yet, she still continues to get high profile jobs in the industry. All i have to say is look at Chrissy tiegan or however ou spell it.l i dont think she’s that attractive either, but she still get it.

    stop hating and let them get paid.

  10. hollier says:

    Lets be honest,the only reason she bookes high profile jobs is due to 12 million people following her. Any advertising is good advertising…

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