Gucci’s Girls

July 3rd, 2014 Posted by Janelle comments (14)

Gucci has always had a clear understanding of its ideal woman and each season it picks a cast that reflects that ethos. This time around Frida Gianinni and co. take things one step further with a campaign featuring seven top models who exemplify the modern Gucci woman. Anja Rubik, Joan Smalls, Raquel Zimmermann, Nadja Bender, Suvi Koponen, Karmen Pedaru and Natasha Poly  feature in stylized shots by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott. (Art Partner) In a season filled with high concept campaigns it’s refreshing to see ads where the clothes and the girls are at the forefront. The collection’s pastel tones and ultra-luxe accessories are front and center in the simple studio shots that make every item look like a must have.









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  1. Paulo says:

    Raquel and Natasha <3

  2. Mary says:

    Anja is forever my gucci girl

  3. Helena says:

    Is the vacuous facial expression also part of the Gucci woman?

  4. michel Tileri says:

    In the Past gucci campaign No model did it or ROCK IT better then Natasha Poly…

    runway weekly.

  5. Kevin says:

    Great cast love the shot with Joan. But one major Gucci face is missing. Where is Abbey Lee!

  6. Dennis says:

    RAQUEL!!She will always be my prima modelina.

  7. Delilah says:

    Wut I thought Natasha was Magdalena o_O They began to look like each other or too much photoshoped o_o

  8. b says:

    Without doubt this is the most fabulous campaign in ages!!

  9. Caroline says:

    Anja and Joan!

  10. KEVIN CHAU says:

    And Queen Poly the eternal Gucci Girl is back ! Simple & clean, easy to eyes yet refreshing, modern & strong. Very Gucci – HALLELUJAH !

  11. Joel says:

    QUEEN JOAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. roamy says:

    Such a boring, uninspiring campaign… fits the collection perfectly.

  13. michel Tileri says:

    people please go back, and look at past gucci campaign ad’s, and you will see that, the best gucci ad’s came from Top Model Natasha Poly…

  14. Brooklyn says:

    Sigrid A. should have been there, not Nadja B.

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