Enchanted Sicily

June 19th, 2014 Posted by Janelle comments (9)

Dolce & Gabbana‘s seasonal campaigns always serve to represent their collections in an manner that recalls classic cinema. With Domenico Dolce behind the lens the ads are always filled with smiling faces and a mix of models and compelling extras. This season the ‘Enchanted Sicily’ collection comes to life with a woodsy shoot starring Claudia Schiffer, Bianca Balti,Kate BogucharskaiaNastya StenEva Berzina and Vittoria Ceretti as a host of fairytale beauties clad in all the decadent embellishment Dolce is known for.






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  1. anastasijab says:

    Cute campaign.

    Why is Eva not credited?


    me encanta

  3. David Kennedy says:

    Claudia Schiffer: Still sexy, still sensational after all these years. The clothes are a perfect fit for her.

  4. Andie Sleeman says:

    Are you posting the entire credits for the projects in another location? Or did you stop posting them all together? I use to come by models.com to keep up with what makeup artists and hair stylists were doing (amongst other crafts). I really liked that I could see who is doing what with what campaign.

  5. diaboliqueguan says:

    Claudia just stole the thunder, everyone else pales in that campaig.

  6. Caroline says:

    I don’t like it but Claudia looks amazing

  7. eek says:

    Claudia looks really out of place. There is a completely different vibe coming from the other models, much more somber and restrained and then there’s Claudia acting like there’s a party going on.

  8. Kimber says:

    So in love with Claudia here. The setting reminds me of the Fairy Plane from True Blood.

  9. victoireIMG says:

    Ca fait vachement référence à GOT 🙂

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