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Ranya Mordanova is known for having the kind of surreal look that makes her the perfect model for unorthodox talents like Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci and or Vogue Russia Tom Munro taps into Ranya’s ability to be the ultimate high fashion canvas by showing her in a variety of designer looks – each one more inventive than the last. Simon Robins‘ haute styling is on point but it is Ranya’s dramatic poise that brings each look to life. She even manages to take Elie Saab’s classic frills look avant garde.





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  1. AJP says:

    She is so cute

  2. Model Whispers says:

    Usually I am not a fan of Ranya’s look, but I love how pretty and soft she looks.

  3. Gustavo says:

    she looks sooo cool i cant believe it! hope jil sander execs can give this girl a chance to grace one of their ads

  4. raie says:

    im a fan of her more and more 😀

  5. fghjk says:

    so pretty<3

  6. Thulio Becker says:

    Ranya is amazing!!

  7. debby says:

    lipz wow

  8. Ambigous says:

    after being always the go to Girl for Spooky Glamour …… Ranya proved here she can morphed into a normal, sweet fresh Teen CoverGirl type…..

    The first and the last pic are amazing…..and The pixie bob cut looks good on her


  9. Yakudza says:


  10. Vince says:

    That face is a photographers dream!

  11. Eamon says:

    I’m glad the make-up artists & stylists finally realised that she’s a girl!

  12. Natasha says:

    Ive been a fan of this girl since the first time i spotted her. She knows how to pose from the very begining and I am as excited for her as I was when Sasha P first came out. She is brilliant…p.s. the last photo is my new iphone wallpaper 🙂

  13. Erwin says:

    I saw her this past spring/summer 2010 in NYC. She is charming, tho surprisingly not that tall. Unique and androgynous, she has a long career ahead of her!

  14. Ambigous says:

    imagine if her hair is peroxide white???

    I could totally see her as the PRADA girl!

  15. eek says:

    actually I think she looks rather bland here, very commercial and undistinguishable from 100 other models. At least styled as an androgynous waif, she looks distinctive even if I’m not a fan of her look.

  16. GP says:

    She looks good here with make-up. She is not the pretty face but very unique beauty. Don’t we always need some weird looking models?

  17. Mango says:

    wow i didn’t even recognize her on the first picture!
    she’s gorgeous

  18. RODRIGO DUTRA says:

    That girl is really good isn’t she?
    the last picture is so beautiful and delicate. love it

  19. Erika says:

    This girl is gorgeous….. Viva Russia!

  20. jesus says:

    absoulutely stunning

  21. trumancapote says:

    free test are better than this…

  22. TERENCE FULLER says:

    stunning face, i would book her if i had my own line or just watever deals with fashion.

  23. meercat says:

    She’s really pretty and I love her hair.

  24. Yasmeena says:

    omg she is beautiful i was watching paris fashion week on ftv and i was liek wow when i saw her.

  25. aaron says:

    you know those times when you don’t get the hype? at all? yeah.

  26. MoSS77 says:

    This IS Th3 bEst Ive Seen Her!!

  27. simplylovely says:

    Love this girl’s ‘bride of Frankenstein’ look! These are stunning!

  28. Amber says:

    Absolutely stunning. Now I’m curious to see her with long hair.

  29. marvoi says:

    she looks indescribably amazing in the 1st pic in chanel; the pink lip and her eyes are just wow!

  30. poo says:

    Great face.

  31. jaod says:


  32. Amarilla says:

    I love the relaxed look on her face and the complicated outfit to contrast it on the last pic.

  33. Ocean says:

    last foto is great

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