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October 14th, 2009 Posted by Janelle comments (21)

Each year W‘s art issue overflows with creative energy, merging the worlds of fashion and art into one and enlisting some of the most innovative talents in both fields for truly imaginative editorials. This year sculptor Maurizio Cattelan conceives an emotionally charged story shot by Pierpaolo Ferrari and staring the legendary Linda Evangelista as an enigmatic woman of our times. Mixing political and religious imagery with arresting shots of Linda as a gilded Madonna and fallen society dame, the story stands out as one of the most compelling in a long while. The artistry behind this story is evident on all levels from Camilla Nickerson‘s distinctive styling to Gideon Ponte‘s intricate sets. Even the cover, which hints at the recession crunch with a knowing wink, is as memorable and evocative an image as W has ever produced. View the story in full on W






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  1. mag says:

    this story looks incredible. i cant wait to see it in full. thanks for posting mdc!

  2. Gustavo says:

    this woman is THE REASON why im into fashion! She is timeless, an icon, my all time favorite model and a legend in on her own.
    W sometimes fails to deliver something good, but this editorial is definitely outstanding, not just because of Linda, but also the images of high (fashion) dramaticity! Linda is aging really well compared to some other models and i hope she can still book decent jobs after turning 50/60 like Lauren Hutton. We need these ladies to keep fashion rocking!

  3. KM says:

    This editorial is destined to become as legendary as the woman starring in it. I’d never even heard of Pierpaolo Ferrari before but now I’ll never forget him. Kudos to Maurizio Cattelan and to all involved with this epic editorial!

  4. jojo says:

    she’s amazing, but holding up that sign is a bit taboo? people hold signs like that every day, do we need to see the multimillionaire super model holding that? really?

  5. Antonio Barros says:

    I need to buy this issue!!! This is going to be legendary!

  6. AJP says:

    She is the queen!

  7. RODRIGO DUTRA says:

    Linda is always Linda… perfect and eternal super model and I want this issue of W sooo baaddd!!!!

  8. P says:

    I LOVE this sooooo much

  9. raie says:

    im not trying to be rude but is her nose real?
    i always wonder that

  10. ISRAEL says:


  11. Esme says:


  12. carola says:

    Ahhh sometimes I think she’s overrated but this is really good, this is what all new models should look at when starting out.

  13. GP says:

    I love Linda but she is always look the same because of her very strong face. Can someone change her look sometime soon?

  14. clear says:

    evangelista as aiways look cute…
    concept of the shoot is incredible=)

  15. F!re says:

    The contrast in the 3rd picture is amazing! The posh beauty of Linda and the humbleness of the chicken made a wonderful shot! Epic!

  16. Deivid says:

    Linda forever linda the queen for super models.

  17. meercat says:

    This is epic. Nice to see an editorial that makes one think. And it´s a treat to see La Linda in action!

  18. meercat says:

    I have to write again. Linda never looks the same and I love her nose. One day fashion will reflect a segment of the world that´s not European and I will rejoice. Personally, I´d rather see strong noses than the cookie cutter button noses. I say, MORE LINDAS, MORE EUGENIAS, MORE VARIETY!

  19. RanLi says:

    Linda is the most astonishing model in the world!!!!!!

  20. kim says:

    I agree. Linda is pure fashion. She lives it. Loves it. Breathes it.

    After allowing some time for this editorial to resonate within me, I’ve come to the conclusion that my favorite photo is the one where she is lying on the floor of the empty closet. That is one helluva powerful photo.

  21. Ambigous says:

    Linda is The Queen of the All Supermodels…..

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