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May 13th, 2014 Posted by Janelle comments (8)

Tim Walker, Edie Campbell and Jacob K head to Burma for a special shoot for W Magazine. Travel editorials are always intriguing, but Walker’s haunting images take things to another level, capturing a series of distinctive Burmese landmarks and Jacob K’s eclectic melange of prints and gilded details. The story behind the 10 day shoot is equally intriguing; from the off-kilter inspiration (Mia Farrow’s imaginary sister Prudence) to the way Walker and crew worked with locals to create these evocative shots.

See the full story & read the article at W






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  1. Thomas Smallbridge says:

    stunning !!!!!

  2. alrear91 says:

    I usually don’t really love Edie, but the last picture is amazing! Out of this world!

  3. Delilah says:

    I think W always have great photoshoots, probably because Tim Walker is a regular booking *_*

  4. Damache Anamaria says:

    The golden photo was my Icon in childhood.

  5. Damache Anamaria says:

    The last one.Kisses.

  6. thet thet says:

    Are you crazy???? You should respect our religion and culture. Never do it again in our country.

  7. May Sabal Phyu says:

    If you visit to one country ,you should respect their culture & religions . Now you broke our hearts . I hope , you never come back to my country. I don’t wanna see like this photos again and your face. so disappointed :/

  8. Chan Mya Soe says:

    Tim Walker (#electricfoto) and W Magazine (#wmag),

    If you guys are working professionally you should respect the culture and religions of the country which you visit or work.

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