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December 13th, 2013 Posted by Janelle comments (20)

With the release of her top secret album superstar Beyoncé Knowles may have pulled off the musical coup of the year, but it’s the all star model lineup of her accompanying videos that caught our attention. The dream team of Joan Smalls, Jourdan Dunn and Chanel Iman accompany Bey on the clip for her song ‘Yonce’ and the end result is every bit as sexy as you’d expect. Joan, Jourdan and Chanel aren’t the only fashion stars featured; cameos from other catwalkers abound throughout the visual album – check out Shaun Ross and Diandra Forrest in the ‘Pretty Hurts’ segment as well.

Check out the moves on Jourdan, Joan & Chanel below and see previews of the entire experience on 


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  1. One Hidden says:

    It’s incredibly refreshing to see the girls go beyond the runways and magazine pages and do other things, just as the Supers of before did. Joan is really just having an amazing moment right now, isn’t she? #LOVE

  2. x says:

    Jourdan also appears on another song [XO]
    They all look so gorgeous especially Joan.
    I am not a fan of her tbh but this time she definitely blowed me sucks off.

  3. LD says:

    Joan…OMFG!!! She totally solidifies her #1 status in the video.

  4. modelseeker says:

    THIS IS AMAZING!!! They all look great but Joan is the most stunning i’ve ever seen!! Here’s the full video

  5. Jones says:

    Joan is the new supermodel. Everyone wants to know who she is now.

  6. evr says:

    everyone looks great

  7. milex says:

    It’s like the best thing ever.

  8. trumancapote says:

    please no !

  9. Nádia says:

    Omg, Joan is looking sooooo HOT! :O

    My Fashion Insider

  10. Coco says:

    I literally screamed when I saw all of them. Joan has got this charisma about her that’s untouchable. Jourdan looks amazing but I’m bias because I think she is the hottest thing on this planet. Chanel’s unique looks brings extra flavour to the video. The most successful black models of the moment, Beyonce was not playing.

  11. Fashion says:

    The most successful BROWN models of the moment, Beyonce was not playing.

  12. Pechespaper says:


  13. kerry says:

    Jourdon dunn is soooo gorgeous omgod, she shines so bright in the video!

  14. pappy says:

    THIS IS AMAZING!! They all look great but jordan dunn is the most stunning i’ve ever seen!!

  15. rose says:

    why did my nice comment about jourdun dun gets deleted?

  16. rose says:

    Jourdun dun wow! she’s absolutely gorgeous!!

  17. carolS says:

    This was a very good idea for beyonce. i think all of the girls played their role very well. It’s obvious that joan is the star of this. kudos to beyonce and all of the three models

  18. Jovrien says:

    Sit down Beyonce. Let these models do the work for you.

  19. Tepper says:

    these girls make beyonce sooo high fashion. i’m in love with joan smalls in this video. she it really on top right now with everything she’s doing. she’s still #1 and proving it

  20. xOXO says:


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