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September 24th, 2009 Posted by Janelle comments (33)

Alright mag addicts (you know who you are) dig into your magazine collection and pull out a Vogue from the late 60s. No matter the issue you will invariably see a black and white, soft focus, slightly grainy editorial featuring a model jumping, prancing and dancing in a studio with the wind machine working overtime. The vibe is high glamour and the look is expertly recreated by Mariano Vivanco in the latest Numero Korea. Jessica Stam moves like a latter day Jean Shrimpton and captures all the cool sex appeal and glamour of the period perfectly.






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  1. Peas says:

    I will always love Stam. She is just so fucking beautiful. And effortlessly fierce. VIVA STAM!

  2. lynn says:

    Stam is perfection. Werq gurl, werq!

  3. ivanc says:

    this is my JeSsIcA wOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWwwwwwww i love her is my best talent model;))))…

  4. Ptr says:

    It’s a very different edit from Stam. Usually she just staring at the camera with blank expression. This one is full of energy!

  5. phira says:


  6. marvoi says:


  7. Ambigous says:

    Her Face is very Beautiful, yet in a different way. She has a feline quality on her looks.

    and Stam is effortlessly cool!

  8. Ambigous says:

    This kind of Face should Sell Magazines ( VOGUE, especially ) in a perfect World.

    Not some lesser beauties ( actresses, singers )

  9. Gustavo says:

    the third photo was photoshopped to the maaaaaaaaxx! dear lord…

  10. thasy says:


  11. m.a.r... says:

    she’s getting better and better as the years pass by..she’s turning into a cat. love her.
    all the best for her <3

  12. GG says:

    Please start acting Stam!

    Cinema needs you!

  13. Pony Ryder says:

    Stam and Vivanco make a really wonderful combination, a match made in magazine heaven!
    It’s interesting how he photographs her both in motion and in simple still poses – this hows how versatile both of them are.
    This issue is a must-have!

  14. Photographer in the funny hat says:

    Love the old school look to this editorial. Guess some more fiscal irresponsibility, and buying a copy is in order.

  15. Calvin says:

    That collage of images is FIYAH! Go Stam!!

  16. GP says:

    WOW!! She is so beautiful. She can sell everything. Please someone gives her a BIG cosmatic contract.

    The outfit in 2nd photo is so Madonna.

  17. Ambigous says:

    Stam’s eyes color scream Estee Lauder Contract to me……

  18. lucinda says:

    ohmygodd ive neveeer seeen any one likee shes just amazinn i waana be just like her … pleaasee i waanaa be a modlee soo badd x

  19. Michelle says:

    Jessica is my fav model ever!!!!!! she’s amazing!
    Go stammy!

  20. sunbin says:

    yeahhhh!! haha now i finally am able to purchase this numero with stam’s stunning look.. because i live in korea…!! haha

  21. Daniel says:

    my god! she looks so beautiful, chic and classy in this pictures it’s for much a great model!. i think i’ve fall in love hehe

  22. Tiffany says:

    Stam looks great, love her hair.

  23. George says:

    Absolutely gorgeous I think she is one of the supermodels nowadays alongside with Coco, Daria and Sasha!!!…and WE REALLY WANT to see her in movies…Perfection Stam!!

  24. Amber says:

    Women would kill for that face. She is amazingly beautiful.

  25. cecilia says:


  26. emma says:

    go to a fashion show stammy! i really miss you

  27. Arkadius says:

    There is a photoshop mistake at the second picture…look at the hands;)

  28. Deivid says:

    Maravilhosa Stam que rosto que curvas parece até as tops brasileiras…

  29. Anna says:

    I love it !

  30. Luisa says:

    I love Stam!!!! she is perfect ♥ ♥ ♥

  31. MDC_398151 says:


  32. Tiffany says:

    wow i love the last photo!

  33. LEMON says:

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!

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