First Look: Iconic Mariacarla

September 25th, 2013 Posted by Janelle comments (31)

Few models inspire the kind of adoration that Mariacarla Boscono garners. Ask photographers, stylists, designers and even other models who their favorite working model is and you’ll often hear Mariacarla’s name in the mix. Mariacarla’s iconic status is celebrated on the latest covers of Vogue Turkey, shot by Cuneyt Akeroglu. From the soulful black and white nude, to an elegant shot of Mariacarla in couture, Akeroglu’s imagery captures the versatility and beauty of a true fashion favorite.




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  1. K.M. says:

    Attagirl Mariacarla! She truly deserves this!

  2. milex says:

    Last one is iconic already

  3. Victoria says:

    Wooow!!! Amazing!!!

  4. Gweqo says:

    OMG! Iconic Diva Queen! The first cover is perfection!!

  5. Marissa says:

    Legendary!!! Wow….

  6. peter says:

    I’ve been dying to see her getting a cover again and all of a sudden we get 3 AMAZING covers all at the same time?
    I am speechless.
    Mariacarla my icon and Cuneyt Akeroglu my new star!

  7. Gustavo says:

    I saw her maybe one or two years ago and let me tell you that those super airbrushed images of her face have nothing to do with her current state. Not that she doesnt look nice, she will always be iconic, but her wrinkles are part of her personality and make her look even more compelling to anyone´s eyes. Aging gracefully is also part of the fashion business, she´s been around for more than 15 years and not looking like a twenty-something is actually a complimentary feature!

  8. marty says:

    These are so GREAT and it also shows how well Aketoglu as a photographer.

  9. royy4 says:


  10. zing says:


  11. VPopRunway says:

    Obviously iconic.

    I mean, who even has a better walk than she does?

  12. GP says:

    The first cover is the best of her. Amazing!

  13. fele says:

    Oh god THANK YOU Vogue Turkey. Sometimes I forget how a great cover with a great model looks like. Love Mariacarla. She really knows how to pose and use her eyes, and it always feels so natural.

  14. TheoG says:

    Gosh these are amazing! and am also way more interested in Aketoglu now, he did a wonderful job.Absolutely breathtaking cover!

  15. Graice says:

    All 3 are spectacular! Mr. Akeroglu is rising star!
    Well done.

  16. Lea says:

    All three of amazing in it’s own right. A wonderful suprise considiring myself ( and many others) thought this magazine was heading downhill.

  17. GP says:

    Looking back Cuneyt Akeroglu wonderful works. Most of the models don’t look human in his photographs.

  18. allen says:

    definitely one of the best out there! the walk, the stance and the personality. first noticed her in 2003 and instantly became a fan. there’s something really unique about her.

  19. Peter says:

    lack originality…

  20. B says:

    I love Mariacarla and all I can say is these covers are fabulous, but I would have taken a different approach if I had Mariacarla! I would make it 70’s disco glam, one more grungy and perhaps the 3rd one would keep.

  21. evr says:

    that first cover is incredible

  22. Bruce Edwin says:

    Beautiful girl here…Seta is really pushing the edges with nudity on the cover in a land of major oppression and violence towards women who dare bare their body. Let’s hope Seta and Vogue get Mariacarla some top security.

  23. Marcos says:

    Love, love, love Mariacarla. She hits the catwalk like a queen.

  24. hoovie says:

    Ace on the symmetry. Angelic posing. Righteous in every right.

  25. Marc says:


  26. Tahra says:

    Groundbreaking covers, top! to! top!

  27. JolinTsai says:

    She is just one of the best model out there simple as that.

  28. jake says:

    Absolutely breathtaking..each and every one of them!

    I love the simplicity in his work. And his all other works is just amazing, his models and composition, confidence, so strong, romantic and intense.
    love, love, love.

  29. nicholas says:


  30. felix says:

    OMG! Stunning!

  31. Mary says:

    her best pictures ever, gorgeous

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