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September 23rd, 2009 Posted by Janelle comments (18)

Yasmin LeBon is one of fashion’s timeless beauties – her classic and graceful good looks have graced magazines for over two decades and she’s still got it. For October’s Vogue Paris Alasdair McLellan captures Yasmin looking resplendent in her home as Anastasia Barbieri styles the supermodel in dramatic jet black. The contrast between the country setting and the couture styling only serves to highlight Yasmin’s dual role of down to earth mother and fashion icon.






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  1. Gui TM says:

    Sympathic and Beautiful!
    Good look

  2. KM says:

    Yasmin is wonderful. I often think that if she wasn’t married to such a famous husband, her name would be so much bigger. Deservedly so.

  3. Antonio Barros says:
  4. bloggerquest says:

    She is 45??? unbelievable, she looks 25

  5. Ambigous says:

    wow she looks like a 19 yr old eastern euro young budding model….

  6. PR says:

    creme de la mer? botox? under the kinife?? sunblock?
    i’ll do whatever it takes!!

  7. Voycik says:

    She really is one of the most beautiful models.

  8. FunkyD says:

    She is as stunning in personality as looks, my icon of British beauty!

  9. Gustavo says:

    its so good to see that the good ol´gals are coming back to the spotlight! i was never a huge fan of Yasmin (i prefer the Yasmeen) but she surely looks FANTASTIC at 45! She and Elaine Irwin are aging sooo well i coult believe when they were featured in vogue last year looking much younger that i thought they would at their age! Congratulations once again to Vogue Paris for bringing us back the nineties superladies!

  10. tiger says:

    so HAPPY to see finally a real beauty:)))i am missing the look of a real women a bit in the last shows!where are the claudia´s ,tatiana´s,stephanie ´s and all other amazing girls from the 90ies?

  11. Eamon says:

    That jaw is to die for

  12. Ambigous says:

    To all women who spend money to hold on to Youth…..

    More Power!!!

    If you can stay look good like Yasmin or Cindy Crawford, Then spend all that money and feel good about yourself!

    Complements are the best Self-Esteem Booster!!!

    Why spend money on self Help Books and Therapies when you can invest now and buy sunscreens and Beauty in a Jar, or Surgeries!!!

    Just abstain from “The Joker Look”……

  13. poo says:

    She has a face that has, throughout the decades, remained modern. It’s just forever cool.

  14. Ambigous says:

    She’s the new Face of AVON Reversalist. The most newest and most potent Anti aging cream and Serum discovered yet….

  15. Baby C says:

    If you see her in real life she’s even more amazing!!! Almost unreal. She has what i call a ‘Supermodel Glow’. Naomi has the same thing.

    Some people are simply better than us mere mortals.

  16. G.NataN says:

    Remembe-me Demi Moore

  17. RODRIGO DUTRA says:

    she is 45????
    she looks like 26 ,27….gorgeus

  18. Peter Paul says:

    ICONIC! I hope see her in all magazines again! She deserve one big return for the pages and catwalks! Simply magnificent!

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