Summer’s End

September 4th, 2013 Posted by Janelle comments (15)

Though we’re moments away from fall Vogue Japan gives you one last taste of summer with a glossy story by Sean and Seng shot in Marseilles, South of France. Wearing the prerequisite runway hits by Céline and Miu Miu, selected by stylist Sissy Vian (Paris: Management + Artists, New York: Management + Artists), Joan looks resplendent. The lush setting combined with Joan’s natural beauty, the impressive lineup of designer goods and Sean & Seng’s sleek photographic style makes for one last warm weather treat before things cool down.






13_05_10_House-S&amp_S1687 copy


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  1. tigbit says:

    Pretty pictures but I dont see a global number 1 model.

  2. Lulu lovefiend says:

    She’s getting better as a model but she still doesn’t give good face consistently. I’m still waiting for her to impress me. This is good though: nice location, nice styling.

  3. fashionInsider says:

    i am dieing right now!! JOAN just took my breath away!!

  4. SASHA says:

    tigbit obviously doesnt know what they are talking about. She is versatile, something very few models can do. She adapts to every mood of a shoot. Most models do the sexy, bored look that gets played out. Joan is a muse!

  5. ian says:


  6. tigbit says:

    @Sasha Lets not make things personal or I would have to address your spelling. My opinion is as valid as yours and Im not saying you have no idea what you are talking about. Grow up.

  7. Zascha says:

    I agree with Sasha – she isn’t fantastic but I guess she’s not bad and doesn’t look ugly or anything. I think it doesn’t help that the styling has nothing to do with the setting – I have no idea what the “story” is supposed to be in this shoot – visually incongruous.

  8. slinnea says:

    I see more than a number 1 model. I see a big celebrity on the cusp of super stardom well beyond fashion.

  9. purposefulvision says:

    @Sasha I would have to agree with you. She always adapts and the girl has personality. She’s deserves #1

  10. jc says:

    great landscapes! Joan could have done it so much better but still this girl is going into the right directtion.

  11. Mia says:

    Joan is a good model but this is rather boring. I do believe she deserves her number 1 position though. The reason people constantly question it is because she’s a weak number 1. It’s not her fault though, there’s no decent competition for her.

  12. tamris says:

    @mia i think she’s a perfect number 1. No such thing as weak. A new day a new error, she deserves it. Not often an an ethnic girl has this kind of presence in the modeling and fashion world

  13. Shalom says:

    I personally think u guys are so hard on her because she ethnically diverse. Thats what the real problem is. Its not joan its you.

  14. Shalom says:

    by the way she is a global number one model , weather you can see it or not. @tigbit
    also most of the models have this really boring way of modeling not just Joan.

  15. Jacoblacoste says:

    I think Joan is perfect! She’s having an amazing show season opening and closing almost every show she decides to walk!

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