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September 21st, 2009 Posted by Janelle comments (30)

Camilla Akrans delves into the classic mystique of James Dean for Numero Homme, enlisting none other than Mathias Lauridsen to capture the sensuality and grace behind Dean’s lasting mystique. The role seems made for Mathias and he nails it in each and every shot. It’s amazing how eerily similar some of Akran’s pictures are to Roy Schatt’s famous torn shirt portraits of Dean are.






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  1. thasy says:

    god! i just love him!

  2. indie says:

    he has to be the most perfect man in the world! just look at that face<3

  3. Gui TM says:

    Model handsome!

  4. RODRIGO DUTRA says:

    he is my favourite model by far….

  5. trumancapote says:

    thre s no 1 else but james dean….pleaseee be more original plus mr Karl did alredy wth his fav n it was way if u have to reapet..u have to do it little better at lest

  6. Priscilia says:

    Mathias num 1!!

  7. TheAgentMan says:

    He’s great!!!

  8. girlonfire says:

    he is so nice and humble but also gorgeous & so good at what he does. you don’t see perfect guys like that too often.

  9. Stephen K says:

    Awesome looking and very talented young man!

  10. gise says:

    beautiful boy but you need a real actor to capture dean’s heightened expressiveness and je ne sais quoi. 🙂

  11. wendy says:

    Mathias looks so gorgeous in jeans,so James Dean!

  12. SHIRAZ says:

    Hmmm…Not really giving it to me. This could have been a lot stronger.

  13. Maria says:

    beautiful , inspiring…

  14. Munichmarty says:

    Mathias… the cutest guy ever !

  15. Elvire says:

    I am also so in love with Mathias Lauridsen…

  16. Sugar says:

    Oh my,look at those lips those eyes,he is awesome!

  17. debby says:

    hij is echt mooi

  18. Serpent says:

    My favorite model. =)

  19. sav3mys0ul says:

    Mathias is the best model ever, he is not be no. 10 but no.1 male model in the world.
    He is so diverse, in his every picture he looks breathtaking gorgeous.
    Love him so much <3

  20. Ambigous says:

    lol soo funny. The Kid looks very average and u guys gush over him

  21. Brad says:

    hahahaa “Very average” oh dear

    LOVE THIS btw! I always thought he could pull it off well and by looks of things he has here…was great for the Hugo Boss AD Campaign (where he kinda reminded me of james dean in that aswell)

  22. Jenna says:

    hrmmm in the first photo, shouldn’t his scar be on the LEFT side of his face?

    either way… absolutely wonderful <3333

  23. Bienca says:

    He’s a very attractive WoW!!!!!!

  24. Munichmarty says:

    Hi Ambigous,
    You say Mathias looks very average- means where you live all guys are handsome like Mathias. Please tell me where you live and I pack my suitcase …..

  25. hpyroli says:

    Casey Taylor is the best! 🙂

  26. T. Rex says:

    Just love every shot…they’re so interesting.
    Go Mathias!!!

  27. Ne says:

    Mathias captures the feel in every picture, he’s great.

  28. jason says:

    I also feel he’s quite average looking as well, and maybe that’s his charm. If I saw him on the street, I wouldn’t think much of it if he weren’t famous already.

  29. K says:

    How is he average looking? His face is absolutely perfect. I just can’t get tired of looking at it.

  30. lesley says:

    so beautiful

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