She’s Still Got It

June 13th, 2013 Posted by comments (11)

Muse Magazine features long legged supermodel Cindy Crawford on her own cover this June. In the flawless “Cindy Right Back” by Mariano Vivanco, Crawford reminds us of the extraordinary talent which catapulted her to fame. Crawford comes to life in the accompanying video using her signature supermodel style, and suddenly we are mesmerized like it’s 1986.

Hair: Adir Abergel | Makeup: Billy B | Styling: Beth Fenton | Set Design: JC Molina | Director: Junietsy Demarcos

More from “Cindy Right Back”

Text by Victoria Perillo

cindycrawford_1 cindycrawford_2 cindycrawford_4 cindycrawford_5 cindycrawford_3 cindycrawford_6


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  1. someone says:

    love you cindy!

  2. Adirake Jagaciak says:

    I Wish you could put Cindy into your The Supers List…

  3. h.d says:
  4. KMV says:

    Cindy was, is, and will always be remembered as a supermodel.

  5. Nino Lima says:

    Cindy deveria ir pras THE SUPERS, ela é a segunda maior lenda da história da moda!

  6. milex says:

    Never been fan of her but yeah, she’s still got it.

  7. Ferret says:

    Second shot is absolutely stunning.

  8. Jess says:

    I dislike her posing, a lot.

  9. BBC says:

    Under the word ‘Supermodel’ in the dictionary there should just be a picture of Cindy C.

    No one ever has, or ever will, come close.

  10. JW says:

    Scrap the1st shot; keep the rest.

  11. megan says:

    Epitome of the meaning of supermodel. Pleaseeee ad her to the supers list!!!!

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