A Night To Remember

September 12th, 2009 Posted by Janelle comments (6)

Fashion’s night out was full of surprises and special little instances. Here are 3 from our night out on the town. A moment with supermodel (and total sweetheart) Julia Stegner at Barneys and a little video of Heather Marks, Erin Heatherton, Arlenis Sosa, R’El Dade and Julia getting dolled up in cowboy hats in front of David Yurman. And last but not least, here’s a pic of everyone’s favorite Coco Rocha, Irish step-dancing’s most famous practitioner. Looking good ladies!

What did you do on Fashion’s Night Out?

[flashvideo filename=http://i.models.com/feed/i/2009/09/stegnerbarneys.mov image=http://i.models.com/feed/i/2009/09/steg.gif width=500 height=375 controlbar=over bufferlength=5 /]

[flashvideo filename=http://i.models.com/feed/i/2009/09/cowboyhats.mov image=http://i.models.com/feed/i/2009/09/cowboyhats.gif width=500 height=375 controlbar=over bufferlength=5 /]


Coco Rocha and Donna Karan. 2 images courtesy of Deborah Hughes Inc from Wire Image.

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  1. GP says:

    Julia looks great. Coco is beautiful but don’t look likw model nowsday.

  2. Antonio Barros says:

    Coco looks so cute!


  3. RYDER says:


  4. Photographer in the funny hat says:

    I really regret having to miss Fashion Night Out. I heart Heather Marks.

  5. EXPERTON says:

    SUREFINE !!!!

  6. Gustavo says:

    Julia talks with the finesse of a princess; and i can never get tired of Donna Karan, such an elegant powerful woman. to me she´s the Oprah of the fashion biz

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