The Dark Night

September 8th, 2009 Posted by Janelle comments (21)

There is a darkness than underlies the drama of Paolo Roversi‘s latest story for Vogue Italia. Ymre Stiekema, Anna de Rijk, Heidi Mount, Toni Garrn, Rose Cordero, Viktoriya Sosonkina, Jourdan Dunn, Darya Kurovska, Imogen Morris-Clarke, Sigrid Agren and Constance Jablonski star in a series of images that are both fantastical and romantic. The luminous beauty of the finest couture pieces is juxtaposed against a dimly lit garden background and a cluttered pile of chairs but somehow it all comes together perfectly. The pictures are haunting and standout as an especially memorable spin on the couture editorial.







Image Credit | Diciassette @ tFS

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  1. RODRIGO DUTRA says:

    I loved it!!! looks like a dark fairy tail ,vogue italia is amazing ,always

  2. AJP says:

    Amazing! Viktoria looks too much like Stam though. It freaks me out

  3. miyoshi9211 says:

    oh i just love it

  4. Ambigous says:

    Sigrid Agren looks really Dreamy!

  5. Antonio Barros says:

    I love the mood of this editorial!

  6. Tommy Fields says:

    Anna De Rijk is going to explode in the modeling world

  7. brucegisele says:

    gr8 but needed s.lopez……….

  8. FF says:

    Love Toni, wonderful

  9. marvoi says:

    magnifique! all the images are amazing!

  10. sunbin says:

    i love immogen…….. she’s my favorite!!!

  11. Joe says:

    This is beautiful , the first photo and then Ymre Stiekema’s solo shot are the best things iv seen in a while . Im not sure Rose’s hair really goes with the whole vibe and atmosphere of the shots though .Her agency should get her a new hair do ,shed rocket to model stardom then . Haircuts are a big deal and can influence your career alot , Tao’s a good example of this

  12. The Black says:

    Why they put the black women just in 2 pictures??

  13. fashion lover says:

    wow wonderful pictures !

  14. fashion lover says:

    I love their hair do´s and that big white dress !

  15. KatModel says:

    WOW love these photos, great.

  16. Ris says:

    Wauw very great!
    But you forget to mension Nimue Smit! 😉

  17. Oleg Igorin says:


  18. Madou says:

    great shots and great work done with the hair !!

  19. Galyna says:

    I love Vika Sosonkina

  20. NEIRVOJ says:

    I could spot a Dior Haute Couture dress from past seasons as always. I’m amazing. lol John Galliano for Dior is amazing! All his designs are memorable. Like that white dress up there.

  21. Madeliene Rose says:

    I love these images! So dark and so rich in couture!

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