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February 4th, 2013 Posted by Janelle comments (10)

We’ve all seen enough fashion films featuring slow motion models whose hair blows elegantly in the wind and though there is nothing wrong with that per se, the most engaging campaign movies we’re seeing this year break from the tried and true formulas. Going for over the top humour, cinematic imagery or full on designer commentary, these brand new campaigns excite and delight.


We last saw Anjelah Johnson’s Bon Qui Qui character on old episodes of Mad TV, but she’s back and has upgraded from her old job at King Burger. Starring as a sales associate at Wang’s trendy Soho boutique, Bon Qui Qui manages to insult everyone from Alessandra Ambrosio to A$AP Rocky with her in your face brand of customer service. For anyone who has ever worked retail, or had an especially crazy shopping experience this clip will make you crack a smile.


Calvin Klein has a long history of memorable advertisements that push boundaries with a strong dose of sex appeal and their latest fashion film, Provocations adds to their oeuvre with a slick Fabien Baron helmed vision of minimalist eroticism. Starring actor, Alexander Skarsgard and Suvi Koponen, the avant garde ad provides some truly remarkable imagery.


Alber Elbaz is one of fashion’s true characters, so it is great to see the Lanvin campaign inject some of the designer’s personality into the mix with Elbaz providing running commentary on the Steven Meisel images of Christian GarciaDaria StrokousKarlie KlossKristoffer HasslevallMichael Lange and Saskia de Brauw. Alber’s enthusiasm is downright contagious – we wouldn’t mind hearing his commentary on every Lanvin video from here on!

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  1. milex says:

    I really want to be a part of Bon Qui Qui !

  2. GP says:

    A.Wang’s video is funny.
    CK’s is so slow and too long.
    Lanvin’s beautiful without Alber Elbaz, I don’t find it funny.

  3. Taniqua says:

    I want to become a model

  4. Bun says:

    I thought Alex Wang’s bon qui qui video was lame. I couldn’t finish it.

  5. trumancapote says:

    suvi is marvelous and i though i d never say that !

  6. Pat says:

    ALEXANDER WANG and LANVIN is definitely not good.
    CK’s amazing, i am speechless!

  7. Mike says:

    ALexander Wang is SOOOOOO Funny.. LOVE IT!

  8. Robert D. says:

    Perfect choices!!! I wish they hadn’t added Alber talking in the video though 😡
    Love him, but,………

  9. M says:

    Having a shot in slow motion doesn’t necessarily make it look better.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Alexander you’re rad!

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