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September 1st, 2009 Posted by Betty comments (21)

Arthur Sales/EP Models Brazil. Photos by Cristiano Madureira, courtesy of Made In Brazil.
Arriving this week is the amazing Arthur Sales from Recife, Brazil. Made in Brazil’s Juliano who has been tracking him since Arthur walked the DSquared show back in June, calls him one of the best Brazilian kids in a long time. Onset he is apparently like Caroline Trentini reincarnated as a guy. For more pics, click here. (with Elite Milan)

Dynamic duo: Marc Jacobs and Juergen Teller; Interview reviews the Marc Jacobs advertising book and for more Juergen fans, Cathyn Horyn talks to Juergen Teller.

Watch Karl Lagerfeld shoot Baptiste Giabiconi for Purple Fashion, with a giraffe and what looks like his cell phone. See some of his editorial here.

More Baptiste news, Naomi Campbell is envious of him!!

Here’s video of Jourdan Dunn and Chanel Iman from the i-D shoot. They talk about the pressures of being an ethnic model in this industry. The video is amazing, watch the girls work it, i-D’s signature winks and all, while Edward Enninful talks about the beauties.

More MTA’s (model turned actor). This time, it’s a male model, Trevor Donovan, who has shot D&G with Steven Klein and A&F with Bruce Weber and is on the next 90210.

WWD calls it the return of the “himbo” but mistakenly calls it a Numero shoot by Karl Lagerfeld, when it REALLY should be Lara Stone and the boys’ DSquared campaign by Mert and Marcus… Hmph, if they need help with boys they can certainly call us.. We know all the top males there is to know.

Supreme’s showcards reverberate down in Australia.

Mariano Vivanco shoots Megan Fox for Wonderland Magazine. She’s one of the few actresses that look like they could have been a model, especially in this moody shoot. See pics and behind the scenes video.

September’s Vogue Italia editorial by Steven Meisel has re-energized and re-invigorated me in a way that no editorial has done in a long time. The messiness, the fun, the contorted faces, the in your face energy is completely exuberant and what we need during these dour times. Vive la revolution!
For the entire ed, scanned by the lovely Diciassette, see Part 1 here and Part 2 here.


Sessilee Lopez and model. Photo: Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia

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  1. Ambigous says:

    Baptiste is Over Hyped….

    Unlike Lara Stone, He doesn’t delivered so far……

    but his handlers are pushing him aggresively…

    Arthur Sales is more Beautiful than Baptiste!

  2. Ambigous says:

    Brzillianized Marc Jacobs should grab Arthur Sales under his wings and make him his muse….

    after all…..Marc Jacobs is the Karl Lagerfeld of the New Generation!

  3. raie says:

    i seriously have to get to brazil fast!!! LMAO he is packin heat !!! 😀

  4. AJP says:

    Sessilee looks very bizarre in that photo..

  5. Luke says:

    Sorry, but did anybody read the comments on that site about the Supreme showcards?

    “Like, they be models… and I think some of them don’t know where dafur [sic] is…”
    This attitude that models are good looking ergo stupid is just ridiculous. Imagine the outrage from the public if someone in fashion were to say fat people or ugly people are academically challenged. Hypocrites. In an ironic twist, the one leaving the comment also misspelt Darfur.

    And god, I can’t stand Baptiste. He seems so sleazy…

  6. MC says:

    I wonder was Meisel inspired by Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland with Johnny Depp? Or perhaps, Burton was inspired by Meisel? Hmmm? This editorial definitely has that creepy carnival feel. I love Sessilee in anything she does and she is a natural born actress here. She fits in well in any editorial.

  7. Ambigous says:

    Baptiste seemed Disturb, lol

  8. Ambigous says:

    Baptiste is just as creepy as Uncle Karl L.

    at least Uncle Karl is lovable….

  9. Ambigous says:

    If you really have to pick??

    Baptiste or Jesuz Luz??? LOL

    Can we also add Marlon T on the equation?

  10. Amber says:

    I agree Raie. I’m obsessing over these Brazilian boys! Thiago, Francisco, and now Arthur! And I also don’t understand the appeal of Baptiste. He has beautiful features, but when will Karl tire of photographing him in heels?

  11. fendi says:

    Karl Lagerfeld weighs in: “I think after the ugly skinny boys of Hedi [Slimane’s] days . . . some ‘beauty’ <– what is this??? He used to say there is no such thing as skinny, there are just “small bones”. Lets find dude version of kate moss and put side by side with baptiste, it will make baptiste look like a cow..oppss!!

  12. trumancapote says:

    i first really didnt like the Vogue italia cover..but…the inside sotry s MAGIC…that magic that only real performes can giv n all those models…r…. n lucky Meisel can work with this poeple…yes Meisel is able to pull that from em : )
    this s one of the best story in years

  13. Ambigous says:

    Arthur Sales is truly Hot!!!

    Baptiste got nothing on him…..

  14. kiki says:

    I agree with Ambiguous. I love love Arthur and all but plz, it’s not a real Brazilian competition without Marlon Teixiera! No one compares!

  15. Betty says:

    OK everyone, I think the Baptiste bashing has gone on long enough. If you have nothing interesting to add to the conversation, only “Baptiste is bad” type of stuff, your comment will not be published. I like to step in every so often and remind people that this is a human being with whom we deal, with feelings just like you. It’s ok if you are not a fan of his, just add an intelligent critique of the pictures or situation.


  16. Kay says:

    Well, I personally adore Baptiste; I think he’s gorgeous. As is this new guy Arthur, what a cutie

  17. Gustavo says:

    this always happens….

  18. debby says:

    nice six pack Arthur

  19. Ambigous says:

    I’m having an Arthur Sales Obssession…..

    for more Arthur Sales, click here:

  20. Gaston de Foix says:

    I thought the Helmut Newton hommage by KL with Baptiste was interesting, daring and provocative, praise the guy for his adaptability and professionalism for the role and subject required. Congrats for that.

  21. realistic pussy says:

    I like this part of the post:”With a recurring role on The Tudors as well, you might say Anwar is getting better parts than she did in her first blush of fame. And that makes the world seem a little more right.” is verygood

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