Twisted Sister

August 27th, 2009 Posted by Wayne comments (15)

Marilyn‘s Constance Jablonski flaunts her formidable versatility for Craig McDean‘s camera in the forthcoming issue of Interview magazine, shuttling between extreme glamour and avant-garde excess in these images. Don’t you just love the downpour of type hovering above Constance in image #2? It’s not easy to rock “twisted” while remaining this certifiably beautiful.



Image courtesy of Marilyn Model Mgmt.

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  1. ePuk says:

    great title!

  2. AJP says:

    I love hair like that in editorials.

  3. Liv says:

    Constance is really growing on me (just saw her beautiful COVER cover on tFS). I love seeing actual progress in a model’s work.

  4. AX80 says:

    Oh wow! That Alexander McQueen make-up looks so right on her!

  5. MaoaM says:

    Her nose makes her so popular. I like her nose.

  6. Thefrenchy says:

    I Love you constance!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Thefrenchy says:

    je t’aime constance!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. KatModel says:

    Never too many handbags 🙂

  9. carola says:

    I’m not really into her, I think I’ve seen models who look like her too many times before. I mean she is a good model, just not too exciting to watch.

  10. GP says:

    great photos..can I have one of the bags?

  11. Antonio Barros says:

    Amazing editorial!!!

  12. MoSs77 says:

    COnstance IS growing On ME!.. SHe Look sThe Part Here..>

  13. Neo says:

    I love it when nice girls do well, this girl deserves it!

  14. redredruby says:

    Reminds me ALOT of Julia Dunstall… where is she???

  15. maladroite says:

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