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November 26th, 2012 Posted by Janelle comments (6)

Glamour is a part of the Muse Magazine package and the latest delivers by showcasing several of the industry’s most refined faces. Global beauties Sui He, Aline Weber and Jourdan Dunn are stars of the new generation of top models and on Muse‘s new covers they shine bright. Inside, the issue focuses on international flair and the diverse cultural influences that shape fashion, which are on full display in a series of gorgeously shot stories filled with sleek designs. Check out the striking new images and get a sneak peek at what’s inside the magazine in our exclusive first look.

Sui He, Pan Yan, Ling Ling Kong & Cao Yunfei by Chen Man, styling by Tim Lim

Aline Weber by Ben Weller, styling by Beth Fenton

Jourdan Dunn by Guy Aroch

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  1. S says:

    what does those have to do with culture…?
    those are pretty faces, let’s face it…

  2. evr says:

    these are all stunning!!

  3. Ting says:

    Love these covers , i”ll be buying Sui He’s.. She is just flawless.

  4. Ferret says:

    These are an amazing set of covers! I think the fonts and text best fit Aline’s, though

  5. Nigel S. says:

    Sui, Pan, Ling & Cao’s spread = wow.

    So well done. Precisely the outcome when creative artists of particular backgrounds cultivate the opportunities to better represent themselves as opposed to the process we’re so used to.

    @ S – the full issue better reflects the subject in question. As Janelle states; this is just a snip. Visit the website or grab a copy.

  6. maar says:

    aline’s cover is amazing! sui is so feckin pretty. i agree with ferret. aline’s fits the font the best.

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