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August 19th, 2009 Posted by Janelle comments (60)

We are in the middle of a Lara Stone moment -  the covers keep coming, the campaigns don’t stop and everywhere you go you see a hint of Ms. Stone’s influence. Whether its in the bleached brows trend or in the recent influx of gap-toothed, blonde models – Lara is the girl to beat. Just when you think you’ve seen all there is to see when it comes to Ms. Stone she goes ahead and surprises us with a Vogue Paris makeover. Shot by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott with dark hair, an innocent glance and :gasp: full eyebrows, Lara is almost completely unrecognizable.

Do you love this fresh take on Lara or is the change too much for you?

Lara Stone by Mert & Marcus | Image Credit – Laetitia @ tFS

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  1. marvoi says:

    hai lav eet! she looks unbelievably gorgeous! iun the words of rachel zoe, i die!

  2. Jasmine says:

    I love this change. i really hope it’s permanent. now that she’s an established face she doesn’t need those gimmick-eyebrows to be remembered. and with this look she can be commercial enough to garner that supermodel status.

  3. Kim says:

    Two thumbs up!

  4. Caroline says:

    She’s not naked for a change! And no, I don’t have a problem with nudity.

    She looks beautiful. This makeover adds a lot of versatility.

  5. scout says:

    She looks beautiful, love it!

  6. Matt says:

    Absolutely gorgeous. I have been very skeptical of her for sometime and not really a fan. This cover may have changed my mind. I believe versatility is the true test of a great model and she has proved this capability strongly here. Fantastic.

  7. Dawid says:


  8. mr.woah says:

    LOVE IT. Finally something new for her. Love the hair, cover not so much.

  9. Patsy says:

    LA LARA please sounds so so bad! but the cover is amazing I love Lara Stone

  10. AJP says:

    I seriously became breathless upon seeing this. She is just so amazing, breaking so many stereotypes against models. There is just something about her that is impossible not to love and be intrigued by. She can really pull off any look and her body of work is so diverse. Long live Lara Stone!

  11. Marco says:

    I usually dont like Lara but this shot is really, I mean REALLY amazing.
    Hope she pull that off more often.

  12. Christopher Y says:

    Of all the changes (Coco going black, Trentini going red, Daul & Ilkeline going blonde), this is my FAVORITE!!!

    Her booker ditched her past trashiness to the current glamorous and timeless beauty… absolutely breathtaking!!!


  13. lola says:

    Mert an Marcus = picture so fake!!

  14. Ryo says:

    She looks so beautiful and so soft. Such a chameleon…this photo of her resembles a cross between a young Natalie Portman and te sexiness of Kiera Knighley.

  15. metro_bicker says:

    i love her

  16. JoltOfDavid says:

    Phew, I already thought forgot to post Lara’s latest gig! You’re usually not that slow… 🙁
    Anyway, she looks beyond amazing. M & M did a great job. Probably the best cover of the year so far. I hope you’ll also post Lara’s ‘Numero’ cover…

  17. TOKO says:



  18. jake says:

    she looks amazing here, it should definitely be permanent, she looks 100x better with dark hair and full eyebrows, usually i completely dislike her but even i must concede this is a great cover.

  19. vasko says:

    Lara Ist AMazing finally something that last more longer then those 6months models of the moments …. VIve Lara

  20. RODRIGO DUTRA says:

    I didn’t recognize her right away and this is my favorite cover of this year. GORGEUS. GO LARA!!!

  21. MaoaM says:

    It is so incredibly 40’s!

    It is not even a slight of inspiration, they COPIED for 100 percent a picture with Grace Kelly or Greer Garson, then put Lara Stone in it and finished!

    Nothing new about the look, but Vogue recognized just the right time to make it so very chic and elegant!

  22. jacc says:

    Natasha who?
    Lara should be #1

  23. Joe says:

    that is not Lara Stone is it!!?! She looks absolutely fantastic .Beautiful cover .I can’t wait to pick up this issue!

  24. carola says:

    I wasn’t a fan but I just changed my mind!!

  25. Alana says:

    Lara looks absolutely stunning in this pic!!! I almost didn’t recognise her!

  26. Allison says:

    Holy cow, that is such a big change and for the better. She looks stunning as a brunette!

  27. FF says:

    Not really sure that this amazing cover is the result of long hours in Photoshop, but if not the this cover is amazing, i prefer lara as a brunetter, really really beautiful.

  28. Ellie says:

    I have to say I am a HUGE Lara Stone fan precisely because of her oddness.

    Top marks to her she’s unrecognisable here and there is a highly classy if somewhat manufactured “Retro” look, to be sure, but you know what? I love the freakiness and miss it, that’s what makes her for me so smashing. The hair, the gap, the teeth, the loucheness, here I find her kind of generic.

  29. royy says:

    LOVE her ….amazing

  30. KatModel says:

    Too much change? Not possible!

  31. Natasha says:

    I didnt even want to click on this story because I thought it was NOT Lara on the cover – I cant believe it! Lara u r brilliant!!

  32. trumancapote says:





  33. Aaron says:

    she looks like Toni Garrn to me here. but still, very very gorgeous.

  34. bar says:

    I adore Lara,

  35. Morgan says:

    Absolutely love her

  36. GP says:

    Are you sure is Lara? Look so different,wow!!! I love it. First I thought she was Natalie Portman. Change is good, very good!!!

  37. Lila says:

    That doesn’t even look like her! Too much Lara, seriously.

  38. damnthatlion says:

    a little late people, but I haven’t had my breath taken away like this in a long time. Immaculate. Spot on. The love child of Natalie Portman and Eugenia Volodina. Sophisticated yet fresh. The most successful metamorphosis – not just a gimmick, it really makes sense. wow

  39. oliver says:

    To join in the love song…. a girl that can pull of that kind of image change and still come out on top more beautiful then ever all i can say is WOW….WOW…WOW….

    LARA, Mert & Markus my hat off! This cover is nothing but AMAZING!!!

    Lara you are more beautiful then ever you just showed everyone that you got it all, Conratulations!

  40. Elvire says:

    Lara is THE queen!

  41. mike-24 says:

    my OH my! Le ingenue et superbe modele LARA!
    I couldn’t familiarize her, she looks so unique I thought she’s a new model! Exquisite photo!

  42. Woohooster says:

    Her lips are insane here.

  43. den says:

    she is beautiful

  44. Party Marty says:


  45. MosS77 says:

    I hate LAra! I Am the MOsT Anti lara person alive maybe, but surprisingly i like her here… She looks beautiful and fresh, and she has clothes on 4 once…. Bravo!

  46. Ambiguous says:

    cool, she doesn’t look like the Gap-Toothed Albino that we love.

    what a Beauty, isn’t she?

    like a softer Adriana Lima mix with Natalie Portman.


  47. S says:

    Natalie Portman on the cover of French Vogue…?

  48. rameek says:

    she looks like natalie portman

  49. michael says:

    This is a classic cover. One for the history books of fashion. BEAUTIFULL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m a model agent so i’m suposed to know these things.(ha ha )

  50. Fire says:

    Too much photoshop, she doesn’t look like that (despite hair collour).

  51. gogo says:

    She needs to stop smoking those cigarettes, seriously, I saw her in casting a few months ago and the burns through those things like a racecar through rubber. I don’t mean to be rude, but she simply needs to stop destorying her body.

  52. Mario B. L. says:

    can’t believe it 🙂

  53. lasher says:

    boring…..never been crazy about lara,but she was a bit more interesting before……..and too much post production…..

  54. Ambiguous says:

    haters can’t handle Lara Stone.

    So I’ll say it again,

    It’s Lara, Beetch!

    Learn it, Love it, Live it!

  55. KC says:

    think it looks gorgeous, not too much change at all. as long as she doesnt keep the look for toooo long. i still think she looks better with blond hair!!!

  56. tanairi01 says:

    is it me or does she look like natalie portman?

  57. Aaron says:

    yeah, now that i’m looking at it again, i’m also seeing Natalie Portman. it’s like Lara meets Toni Garrn meets Natalie Portman. she looks so soft and serene, which is a nice contrast to the usual hard, mean, or sexed up look she usually gives. true versatility.

  58. Rodrigo Grunfeld says:

    I love…
    Trés Chic

  59. Sam says:

    <3 GO Lara!

  60. Elijah says:


    that’s EXACTLY what i said…


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