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August 11th, 2009 Posted by Janelle comments (105)

With fashion’s full-fledged youth obsession it’s easy to forget that beauty is something that has nothing to do with age. In September’s Bazaar, eight of the most enduring beauties around go bare faced for Peter Lindbergh and the results are thought provoking.  Amber Valletta, Shalom Harlow, Kristen McMenamy, Helena Christensen, Nadja Auermann, Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer and Tatjana Patitz are all stunning but seeing them without makeup, excessive retouching or complicated styling adds a new layer to their allure.





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  1. MosS77 says:

    WOW!! lOVING tHIS!!
    ALL!! loOK aMaZING!!

  2. Gustavo says:

    im speechless, im breathless!

  3. Gustavo says:

    I could write a whole article about this spread. To me it is one of the most beautiful editorial of the year! look at Nadja and Cindy, can they look any better????????
    After looking at it somehow it gets clearer to me why many women love the aging process, each mark on your face, each wrinkle tells a story. being forever young can be an attractive option to many people, but i was a woman – and supermodel – id love to age like this and have thousands of stories to tell.
    Plus, Harper´s Bazaar scored even higher in my opinion not featuring Linda, Naomi and Christy, whom are all much talkes about, giving the oppotunity to the readers to take a look at the other models who also represented the nineties!

  4. Rene Schaller says:

    claudia looks amazing! but also the others.

    I’m really in love with kristen mcmenamy, seems that she starts a second career.

  5. den says:


  6. Ambigous says:

    This is ART.

    Luv Kristen McMenammy, she looks Real here.

    Cindy Crawford is an All American Bombshell at any Age. She’s still looks amazing at 44 . Super amazing!

    Amber Valletta’s facial bone structure should be the 8th wonder of the world. It defies gravity.

    Helena Christensen still looking the same Dark-haired vixen as she was at the classic Chris Isaac video.

    Claudia Schiffer looks the same at any age, color or black n white…still boring oops…

    Shalom Harlow looks more beautiful without make up here…..Her Beauty is WOW…..but it’s shalom’s personality on the runway that made her really an Icon of Elegance.

    and Tatj looks reat too.

    But Looking at Kristen Mcmenammy’s pic made me love the fashion and the supermodels….

    her picture is the most honest, the most haunting and rawest of all….

    Well Done Girls, salute to the 90’s

  7. Eamon says:

    Well said Gustavo! 🙂

  8. tilly says:


  9. ryan colby says:

    wow. just wow.
    its nice to see them all like this. wow.

  10. GP says:

    Great photos!! They all look so REAL without make-up. Sure no make up at all? Not even a bit of concealer? Love them but love the make-up more:)

  11. Ambigous says:

    Is Cindy Crawford the Most Intelligent Supermodel of all? I knnow she went to college for Chemical Engineering ..Cindy is having it all. Great Career. Wonderful Husband and Beautiful Children. Beauty and Nightclub Business….

    I am convinced that she is!

    although, isn’t Elle Mcpherson a Law Student?
    Elle did great too!

    Beauty and Brains….

  12. AJP says:


  13. Ambigous says:

    my only bad comment about Claudia Schiffer is….

    Why is this woman still look perfect w/o make-up? This editorial supposedly show the supers the flaws that they have ….

    when Tatjana looks beat, here and Kristen M looks like she passed 5 stints in rehab….why in hell Claudia Schiffer still manage to look flawlessly Beautiful? This is unfair!!!!

  14. Marty says:

    amber and shalom look good. the rest..simply do not look good in these specific pics. although that is not to say they cannot look great in general without makeup etc.

  15. Maggie says:

    The ladies obviously look very nice, but every one looks better in black and white, isn’t it? These “no-make-up-or-photoshop” pictures would be entirely different in color. More realistic, actually.

  16. Betty says:

    Words cannot even express how much I miss the old Peter Lindbergh shoots of the 90’s, when you caught your breath as you turned the pages of his Italian Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar editorials. This story immediately whisks me emotionally back to that time of excitement and anticipation. As a 40+ woman who basically grew up with these women, it’s a wonderful thing to see them aging so beautifully and gracefully and to see that celebrated in a magazine like Harper’s Bazaar.


  17. Antonio Barros says:

    Cindy, Claudia and Helena are sooo pretty!!!
    It is really difficult to believe that they are more than 35!

  18. SD says:

    This is not brave.
    Brave would be if these were COLOR photos.

  19. Ambigous says:

    This is not being BRAVE.

    This is a CELEBRATION.

    there’s no better time for a woman to feel great in her late 30’s to 40’s and beyond.

    before, after 29….it’s going downhill for any woman… women like Sharon Stone, Demi Moore and Madonna, Courtney Cox really dictate how women should be perceived….not just some disposable dolls, but sexy, worldy women like a fine wine….

  20. Ambigous says:

    Sharon, Demi and Madonna….are women that just not contented of being looking good and younger at a certain age…..they really put their sexuality out there, that makes man think twice about Youth and Sex.

  21. k says:

    IMO, this is as much about Lindbergh as the supermodels. Beautiful!

  22. ania says:

    finally, some ‘raw’ imagery. very refreshing to see them this way.

  23. the girl says:

    love love love!

  24. Allison says:

    The filter makes all of them look older, but they still manage to look really really gorgeous. o.o

  25. Derek says:

    This is fab. All these Women look amazing! LOVE THIS!

  26. Gustavo says:

    Well said Betty! you and i are good old ‘saudosistas’ like they say here in Brazil!
    this ed brought back so many good memories from the nineties!

  27. Kim says:

    You and Betty aren’t the only ones in the over 40 crowd here…

  28. Gustavo says:

    Never said i was over 40 LOL

  29. Dallas B says:

    Beautiful, but seriously, such old news.

    Let’s move on… shall we?

  30. Josh says:

    shalom harlow is cute.

  31. nathalie says:

    i love these photos, but i am not sure these are all no makeup, “au naturel” photos. i have seen helena in the flesh many times, and while i am sure she is a wonderful person, she never looks this great. at all. (i cannot speak for the others.)

  32. Delimore says:

    IMO years and years of putting the chemicals all over they’re faces causes a lot of damage .. Kristen a very good example. If they went they’re lives with little to no makeup, they would look much better.

  33. d00d says:

    looks like cindy has makeup on. i definitely see some eyeliner.

  34. sophia says:

    only thing is that they’re in black and white… if they were in color we would see a lot more flaws. b/w can hide stuff with the right lighting. i’m disappointed.

  35. maxx says:

    wow i love it where is christy but anyway that looks great they still sell there is substance there vrs these new models with no personalaties… i love it and im only in my 20s…
    so that goes to show you…

  36. Motherlover says:

    It’s funny to think that this is a “statement”. All of these women are gorgeous. They can be dressed as bozo the clown and I’d still be captivated by their beauty. Fashion models live in a bubble where 6′ and 110lbs is acceptable. Also, I just think older women are hot – for instance Susan Surandon.

  37. Lelia Thomas says:

    Now if only they’d show them in color (not as flattering) and without the cheesy noise/grain effect that undoubtedly clouds numerous shortcomings. Also, with the exception of McMenamy, I’m pretty sure most of them are wearing mascara. I’d like to see these women in a “natural” shot, but I don’t think these are it. They’re definitely lovely photos, though. Could still do without that ugly grain.

  38. scaffas says:


  39. Idan says:

    I always wanted to do this but i have no time! Atlast, some one just did! this is beautyful! <3

  40. axel says:

    Never said i was over 40 LOL..

  41. Jonesy says:

    Are they stripped of photoshop too?

  42. Ronson says:

    Cindy looks a little plastic.
    Claudia doesn’t appear to age.
    Helena appears to get better with age.

  43. retrogaming says:

    They all look very tired and very old. Even without make-up, I wonder if you can really call this “natural”, the peculiar choice of lighting and the use of black and white film certainly isn’t.

  44. Niam says:

    Cindy has had weird plastic surgery and doesn’t look like she used to.
    Everyone else looks like they are aging gracefully.

  45. joe jagos says:

    yeah but its in black and white. i want color. thats the whole point. black and white still covers a lot

  46. debby says:


  47. Christina says:

    Hmmm – this sort of thing annoys me actually because it’s not really honest. The women are actually wearing some make-up – it’s obvious in a few (Cindy Crawford for one) and it doesn’t say no re-touching just not “excessive”. So I’m not sure what it’s trying to prove either. Where are the 20 year-olds without make-up?

    Fashion is a fantasy – they should just own up to it. Women of all ages wear make-up. The younger models need it too to not look sallow and drab – don’t kid yourselves. This is just a lame publicity stunt to drum up interest in the mag.

  48. rob frost says:

    Very cool!

    I think people are really getting tired of the way magazines overuse Photoshop, and this group of photos pushes back against that trend.

    And maybe opens people’s eyes to a more authentic beauty.

  49. 80smayhem says:

    I love Tatjane Patitz! She is my favorite-especially those eyes and killer bone structure! Claudia looks horrible though; not aging well at all.

  50. Janelle says:

    Haters gone hate.

  51. Julien says:

    You know to me they all look better without makeup.

  52. binths says:

    is this 4 real?? I dun think they’l take even 1 pic like this n ruin they lifetime career.. btw, all these pic shows that they hav beautiful features wit o witout makeup… no wonder y they r called super models

  53. red rabbit says:

    I don’t understand why these women ever wear makeup- they are simply stunning as they are.

  54. Groovymarlin says:

    They all look gorgeous, but isn’t Cindy wearing full eye makeup? Or are her eyes and eyebrows really shadowed like that naturally? To me it looks like she’s got a whole ton of eye makeup on.

    Still beautiful though. All of them are.

  55. DNA says:

    Take Claudia’s advice! Dairy is horrible for the skin. Look how fresh she looks at 39!

  56. whatever says:

    Why are there no women of color in this lineup? Crap. Aren’t we supposed to be post-racial now? I guess when you’re invisible it doesn’t matter how good your skin looks.

  57. Chris says:

    Yes they are great shots and yes they are beautiful women.
    Not going to argue Peters talent either.

    But they are Black and White which hides numerous things obvious in color.
    And they are shot dark and moody, which hides the rest.

    Shoot the same women in color and in bright conditions, don’t exaggerate the contrast. Shoot them as if they were on the cover and not an art spread.

    But a great shoot!

  58. Caroline says:

    What proof is there that dairy is bad for skin?

  59. peter says:

    no photoshop

  60. Marsha says:

    Each beautiful, each unique, each fabulous – outstanding.

  61. Hawaii Kawaii says:


  62. Mario B. L. says:

    Shalom is flawless as always 🙂
    couture figure, so elegant and lady like. beautiful

  63. Joan says:

    Shamlom is a super supermodel! WOW!

  64. Mike says:

    God, they look almost human.

  65. Valerie says:

    They look gorgeous! I love all of them for doing this. 😀

  66. Dee says:

    B&W or not, it takes guts to show how you’ve aged when you’ve only been shown perfect throughout your entire career. I have to admit I’m shocked that so many people think Claudia looks great! I jolted back in my chair when I saw her photo! Very rough, she lost that cute, sex-kitten look. Which you will do 15-20 years later!

    Kristin McMenamy does, however, look better than ever. I love the glamourous hair and her unconventional beauty has hit its prime.

    And if Cindy really isn’t wearing any make-up, she’s one lucky bitch.

  67. GP says:

    One thing can explain that Cindy doesn’t wear eye make-up. She has eye liner tattoed:)

  68. ziRta says:

    Well, yeah, but take into account that both Claudia and Cindy had undergone surgery -least I know.
    This is obvious as all these women depend on their looks for a living.
    Anyway, it’s refreshing to see them bare-faced 🙂

  69. Bram says:

    I love this. There is such a come-and-go of teenage models that, in the end, everyone ends up feeling a little frustrated. These women show that, yes, it’s possible to still look good after 23, no perfect but good nonetheless. I do want to say though that some of these girls had some work done. Nadja looks stunning and natural here, but there’s been a time where she looked scarily plastic and botoxed up. And Cindy had some work done too I’m sure. Claudia is the greatest beauty though, I think it’s all ‘au naturel’. She’s godess like.

  70. apu says:

    They are like us, great to see that 😀

  71. Bart says:

    BLEGH! If i buy chocolate, i want it to look full of flavour and deliciousness, i do not want my chocolate to look like dogpoo. It should look tasty, like a chocolate sunday. The same goes for models and clothes. If i’m looking for clothes, i need to see the full potential of what i want to buy. It shouldn’t look like dogpoo. If my chocolate looks like dogpoo, i don’t care how good it tastes, part of the fun will be ruined for me.
    Another example: the movie transformers, independance day, or any other scifi movie WITHOUT special effects. People go to see those movies for the same reason as they buy fashion mags, they want to be wow-ed. models without make-up is like the movie bad-boys without actionsequences.
    furthermore, if i told you to jump of a bridge,w ould you do it? No? Would you do it if a model or fashionmag told you to? Still no? wow. So why starve yourself simply because they do? I will now reveal to you why. It is because you are jealous. Jealous of their looks and probably of more as well. Therefore the solution is not only easy, but it will make your whole life and even the rest of the wordl better: Be satisfied with who you are, and if you are not, then work to improve yourself and then be satisfied with who you are, wile keeping in mind two things: your own boundaries and the fact that fashion mags are like scifi; it’s all about the special effects.

  72. Ambigous says:

    Claudia Schiffer didn’t lost her Sex Kitten Look…..It’s still there…

    wait till she applied the tons of make-up back!!!

  73. Tiny says:


  74. yermine says:

    Wow!!! beautiful

  75. Miranda says:


  76. Revitolus says:

    This is really very shocking and it provides us with the true picture. 🙁

  77. Elena says:

    Trully beautiful, very art pictures! Love Helen Christensen, there is just something about her eyes …

  78. alle says:

    hate them all

  79. MDC_196128 says:

    True beauty! It is refreshing to see all of the supermodels au naturel. Still amazing and even more beautiful than the young, up to the minute models from today. Great editorial from Harper’s Bazaar. Kudos!

  80. piporrin says:

    Oye, pero a estas minas quizá cuantas noches las tuvieron transnochando para que les quedaran esas bolsas debajo de los ojos.

  81. Anna Paola Malinconico says:

    They’re beautiful but they look completely different! The best of all is Claudia!

  82. Síne says:

    Wow! Tá siad go hálainn gan puinn smidiú…fíormhná dóighiúla!xox

  83. hasi says:

    And just imagine what they’d be like to talk to first thing in the morning!!!

  84. Santa says:

    Where is Miss Natalia Vodianova???

  85. Mr. Fellah says:

    While I love the positivity of everyone reacting to this, the truth is that these models look quite plain. Looking at the people in my life, I think many of them are far more attactive without makeup than these women are. Which supports the lesson life has taught me again and again – it’s not what you know (or how you look), it’s who you know.

  86. Debt says:

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  87. Make-up Break-Up » The Boar says:

    […] My brother used to ask me if I realized that I was literally “painting my face on” every morning, and I think I finally have. So I’m at least going to try to do it less now. Maybe, eventually, never.

  88. elfya says:

    haha , B&W because of red noses ;p

  89. elfya says:

    reality isn’t black&white 😛

  90. Fab Friday 10/2/2009 « says:

    […] I loved this photo shoot with models without makeup on. Yes it’s in black and white but they still show […]

  91. Devon says:

    these women are retouched…with out a doubt. not necessarily their skintone and freckles…but their wrinkles are toned down.

  92. gem says:

    Still babies, show us present day Rosie Vela still stunning/interesting. Time for us to get over our youths and lets face it–it will be good for the economy too.

  93. Stephanie Nicholson says:

    all are looking fabulous

  94. Alex Maxim says:

    Cindy is amazing!!!

  95. natinja says:

    So instead of the totally fake, they just propose the genuine fake. Photographs are not even close to reality.

  96. Deana says:

    I agree… Cindy Crawford is beautiful

  97. Sally says:

    Beautiful story. But there was definitely makeup and definitely retouching!

  98. hookers on skateboards says:

    […] Remember the video for ‘Wicked Game’ by Chris Isaak? It was pretty impossible to forget seeing the preternaturally beautiful supermodel Helena Christensen, writhing around on the beach, looking all sultry with her windswept hair and chipped polish, skin all dappled in sand. The video came out nearly 20 years ago (back in 1991), which is hard to believe, because if you look at her now, you’d think she hadn’t aged at all. And this is without makeup and nary a retouching wand in sight. Following in the footsteps of actresses Monica Bellucci and Sophie Marceau, who went makeup and photoshop-free for French Elle, Helena and a host of other supes including Amber Valletta, Claudia Schiffer and Shalom Harlow bared all for the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar. Kinda makes you hate her a little, no? Except I kind of love her for doing this and that the photoshop-free trend is catching on. What say you?Seen at: […]

  99. Helena Christensen Photoshop Free says:

    […] Remember the video for ‘Wicked Game’ by Chris Isaak? It was pretty impossible to forget seeing the preternaturally beautiful supermodel Helena Christensen, writhing around on the beach, looking all sultry with her windswept hair and chipped polish, skin all dappled in sand. The video came out nearly 20 years ago (back in 1991), which is hard to believe, because if you look at her now, you’d think she hadn’t aged at all. And this is without makeup and nary a retouching wand in sight. Following in the footsteps of actresses Monica Bellucci and Sophie Marceau, who went makeup and photoshop-free for French Elle, Helena and a host of other supes including Amber Valletta, Claudia Schiffer and Shalom Harlow bared all for the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar. Kinda makes you hate her a little, no? Except I kind of love her for doing this and that the photoshop-free trend is catching on. What say you? Seen at: […]

  100. Marianna says:

    CINDY CRAWFORD-the most beautiful supermodel ever!

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  103. weimacreterer says:

    в чём мать родила, в том родина-мать и оставила

  104. Lala Perrigo says:

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  105. Michael D. Irwin says:

    I have been a lover of women since the 60’s and have never completely understood the need for makeup. It is a lie and totally unnecessary.
    Women are the single most beautiful, wonderful part of this world and MUST be appreciated for themselves, not just for what the media and the ‘fashion world’, ie the companies the sell this paint, but for who they are.
    Women are beautiful; whether they are 20 years old or 60 years old.
    Just love and respect them and make them happy.
    Not only do they deserve it, but they will return everything you give them times ten.

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