James gets it….(Eva by Steven for VI)

May 9th, 2008 Posted by Betty comment (1)

This might be a first. We were going to link to James at Women’s spot on post about Eva Mendes‘ shoot by Meisel for Italian Vogue but Wayne, MDC’s editorial director, beat us to it at theimagist. Of course, Wayne is our favorite writer in the world and we love what he wrote about James’ writeup. So here it is: a link to a post about a post… It doesn’t get more cyber than that!

Click here for Wayne about James about Eva.

Click here for James’ post

Photo: Eva Mendes by Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia, May 08

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One Comment

  1. jasonKanner says:

    i have to say women’s blog is brilliant and clean, just like the girls they represent perfectly
    james post is so “on”, its nice to see there are actualy get it and the work so meticulously.
    kudos for posting this here wayne and betty
    jason k/ major men

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