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July 30th, 2009 Posted by Janelle comments (23)

You may remember Jeneil Williams from her days as a Model of the Week but the stunning Kingston born beauty is back and better than ever with an edit in Teen Vogue and a slot in the David Sims helmed Benetton campaign. Daniel Jackson shoots Jeneil looking adorable in an eclectically styled story that is as young and playful as you’d expect from Teen Vogue. The happy-go-lucky theme continues with her cheery Benetton shots that showcase that gorgeous grin.

Jeneil by Daniel Jackson


Jeneil by David Sims

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  1. Monte says:

    Love her

  2. Azizi says:

    go Jeneil
    im so proud of you

  3. Ptr says:

    Her smile in the third picture looks fake, but the last picture with Simon look so lovely. They’re a cute couple lol

  4. Styles says:

    She is working it. Jeneil is pushing all those other girls to the side !

  5. Liz says:


  6. Styles says:

    Great energy !!! She is incredible !

  7. Chaz says:

    omg simon <3

  8. Jen says:

    She is beautiful!

  9. SHIRAZ says:

    Yes, those other girls are simply not cutting it…Jeneil looks like someone with a damn personality and energy…BOOK HER!

  10. pony ryder says:

    i remember her ’cause she described herself as beeing motivated. thats a rare thing to hear. i loved her then, i love her now! she is sweet. very energetic, and seems focused.

  11. poo says:

    she’s so pretty!

  12. Home Girl. says:

    Serve it Jeneil , learn it chilrins .. She’s a future face, a force to be reckoned with.

  13. danielle says:

    go Jeneil, you look AMAZING-

  14. timothy rosado says:

    I had the opportunity to shoot her and she is just stunning, and her structure is PHENOMENAL!!

  15. Ambigous says:


  16. HUSTLER says:

    In the Benetton images she reminds me of a young Lorraine Pascal without the gap in her teeth..


  17. tilly says:


  18. metro_bicker says:

    magnifique ! i love ! j’aime

  19. jconthenet says:

    Jeneil a raising star

  20. debby says:

    the last 3 picture are amazing
    I saw her once in Modellounge

  21. Ryo says:

    Jamaica’s proud of you Jen. Now if only Jaunel could come back!

  22. Lady K/ Kandy Kay says:

    Go Jen, I’m sooooooooo proud of u girl…u really inspire me n i’m glad to call u my fren
    Continue to do ur best n i’ll see u wen i’m in NY..LOVE U GIRL

  23. Shaun says:

    I know her personally and she has a radiant personality accompanied by a priceless smile not to mention her structure its amazing.
    she is very talented you should see her shoot for the Italian vogue then to transform to fit this “happy-go-lucky” theme for Teen Vogue phenomenal!!! Go Janelle you are the Truth

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