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July 30th, 2009 Posted by Janelle comments (8)

Freshness is what keeps the industry going so its always wonderful to see newer faces fronting their first campaigns. Top 10 Newcomer Auguste Abeliunaite and rising star Bailey Barger are this seasons Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti faces and the simple, evocative campaign is one of the prettiest of the season. Bailey & Auguste’s classic beauty is highlighted perfectly by Alasdair McLellan‘s dreamy photographs and Vanessa Reid‘s chic styling makes each piece look easy and wearable.




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  1. Bob Ross says:

    Wonderful! New talent! I am tired of hearing about Anja / Natasha Poly / Lara / Lily / so on so forth. Please show more work from exciting new girls. Auguste is lovely, I remember her from the crying moment at Jil Sander. She should have gotten that campaign!

  2. Ambigous says:

    The third pic is Haunting.

  3. Ambigous says:

    LOL @ Anja/Natasha/Lily D.comment.

    true. sometimes, it’s like O-M-f-G……it’s Lily Donaldson again!

    more Lara Stone, though!!!

    can’t get enough of that Girl!

  4. scout says:

    I LOVE this!! Beautiful new faces! SO fresh and exciting!!

  5. den says:

    this is amazing!

  6. Ambigous says:

    I luv that Top on the 2nd pic. pair it with a dark indigo, hi-rise, skinny jeans and high boots, would look smashing!

  7. Ambigous says:

    ^ and the Gold chain belts….

  8. pony ryder says:

    AUGUSTE is amazing!!!

    i love that girl! tear in the eye effect was , ah, a true fashion moment! a statement! i dont care it was because of the lights.

    she is a beauty.

    that is what i love about this site. no matter how much i know already, i always find out more here! i love the introduction of new girl Bailey. she seems incredible.

    the campaign just seems so fresh and pure.

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