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July 23rd, 2009 Posted by Janelle comments (24)

i-D goes equestrian for its August issue. Tom Allen shoots former MotW Gibril looking dapper in finely cut suits and Wellington boots. Mark Mcmahon’s styling brings out Gibril’s innate elegance and the lush beauty of the sprawling polo grounds makes for exceptionally tranquil visuals.

Pics courtesy of FM Agency

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  1. AJP says:

    It’s weird that this spread is called “Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy.” I didn’t realize Spongebob was in fashion

  2. TheAgentMan says:

    Hello Tom Allen, My name is George Brown, Agent at Red 🙂

  3. Janelle says:

    ^AJP, I think that the whole issue of i-D has a Spongebob theme this time around. Spongebob is on the lettering on the cover and has an editorial inside. How long before Spongebob and Squidward crack the Top 50?

  4. AJP says:

    Hm that’s interesting. Spongebob and his friends have become icons

  5. RandomGuy says:

    I really like this guy. I love his hair and his features are wonderful!

  6. Melina says:

    Henry Barnacle and his girlfriend Audra should have been featured in this story, seeing as Henry is a Barnacle and his gf definitely looks like a mermaid with her strawberry colored hair and pale skin!

  7. tilly says:

    great face

  8. Kim says:

    I *love* this!

  9. Idan says:

    me likey too! just the tittle! i don’t understand why!

  10. feeler says:

    WHY IS IT THAT IN FASHION WE LOVE EXTREMES .. u have to be realy BLACK OR WHITE ?? makes me want to get darker like him to book a job!!!

  11. Ambigous says:

    speaking of extremes, pair Gibril with someone like Lara Stone….I think it will be Genius!


  12. Ambigous says:

    imagine the contrats of Lara Stone, being albino white, with no eyebrows in a flowy feminine white dress, and Gibril with his dark exotic Black skin, and Afro hair??? It must be a fashion moment!

  13. APease says:

    That would be a sight. But Lara just did something with Morgan Freeman, who is loyal to his African roots.

    This guy’s much darker though, so it would be even more extreme

  14. Ambigous says:

    The Morgan Freeman and Lara Stone pairing was just a bit creepy, lol. Like the George Clooney and Gisele.

    They should stick within an age range….

    Gibril and Lara would be fabulous….

  15. pony ryder says:

    I agree with you ambigous,

    the contrast would be so sexy! A true fashion moment!

  16. Jake says:

    very 70s

  17. Pop's Golden girl says:

    i love this kid.

  18. that girl says:

    yay go Gibby!!!

  19. Ryo says:

    I honestly thought he was “Miss Jay” in the first photo. LOL

  20. Nicolynn says:

    Ability is nothing without oppertunity.

  21. Ken. says:

    This is ad/campaign is art. The model is incredible, What is this a skinny man?! no teenager here.

  22. ryan says:

    LMAO Ryo thats what i thought too hahahaha he looks like the guy from Top model!

  23. aaron says:


  24. Grizzly says:

    He really draws me in. I feel like there’s not enough black male models out there. Or colored ones at that. Like the latest Givenchy f/w only has Manuel mixed with a bunch of pale waifs. I like pale waifs, but I also feel like black male models are edgier because they’re so few and far between and they have to work hard to get jobs in the industry.

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