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July 16th, 2009 Posted by Janelle comments (20)

Catherine McNeil‘s Numero covers have always been among the magazine’s strongest and her re-emergence on issue #105 is no exception. The simple black and white shot shows off that famous pout and the effortless sensuality she has become known for.

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  1. Boysclub says:


  2. Ambigous says:

    Don’t they make her look like current “it” Girl, Lara Stone? The none existent eyebrows. Check. The pouty lips. Check. The gap teeth. Check. The smokey dark kholed eyes. Check. Just saying….

  3. Trev-o says:

    I prefered her other covers

  4. AJP says:

    This is so beautiful. I am in love with it

  5. sam says:

    this is a rwally nice cover, NUMERO does alot of black & white covers; im jus wanna see a different style, i wouldnt even recognize who this is??

  6. darth020 says:

    yes Catherine was forced to do some dental work to make a gap between her front teeth so she could look like Lara Stone and when Ricardo Tisci couldnt have Catherine in his couture show he forced poor lara into dying her her black so she resembled Catherine!Its madness !;-))

  7. Ryo says:

    She looks great here. I agree with the previous poster she does look like Lara. But then again they’re making Lara look like Kate Moss so…

  8. JT says:

    Catherine McNeil is a stunning beauty! I mean, what other girl on earth wanted to be a mechanic that looks so good! I CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF THIS GIRL!!!!!!!!

  9. RODRIGO DUTRA says:

    I LOVE her and that cover. she is so perfect, I really love everything about her .look at her eye in the picture WOW

  10. rodrigo says:

    don’t like her teeth, but the cover is gorgeous, her hair and eyes are amazing

  11. Ambigous says:

    Catherine is an excellent model, except the “look” in the número cover belongs to Lara Stone.

  12. AJP says:

    I highly doubt Lara was forced to dye her hair… I’m sure she could have said no.

  13. VVT says:

    ^darth was just being sarcastic and I love Lara but, the supposed “look” doesn’t belong to her it belongs to Brigitte Bardot. I don’t think the intent was to make her look like Lara anyway.

  14. AJP says:

    Has anyone ever seen the video of her called “The Black Balloon”? It’s on youtube, and it is so cool! Just search her name and it should come up

  15. Thanatos says:

    She always have the same expression.Stiff

  16. Ambigous says:

    well Lara’s trademark “look” is the no-eyebrows, big pouty lips and gap teeth.Catherine Mcneil never loooked like this till now. Everytime i look at the cover I see a striking resemblance and it shouts Stone.

  17. UNBIASED says:

    Now shooting Cat and Lara together would be hot !!!!

  18. JT says:

    Google “Catherin McNeil and The Black Balloon” as AJP say and also “Catherine McNeil Sexy Back”….. you’ll be able to see just how sensational she is.

  19. joelwilisdumb says:


  20. Ambigous says:

    Catherine Mcneil is indeed a very good and one of the models that has major potential to be a major Supermodel…..but let’s highlight her own look…..this is not Cath.

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