Raw Power

July 16th, 2009 Posted by Janelle comments (17)

Karim Sadli‘s latest story for Dazed and Confused is pure, simple and completely fresh. Nicolas Ripoll poses in a series of jet black ensembles, each one more eye-catching than the last. Whether he is showing off a leather jacket or a dramatically laced bondage inspired piece Ripoll looks right at home in everything. Robbie Spencer‘s styling is a pitch perfect compliment for Sadli’s stripped down style and each element combines to create a uniquely powerful visual.


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  1. Larapixie says:

    Amazing work.Love it!

  2. Gustavo says:

    I like it, looks very vogue hommes japan!

  3. RODRIGO DUTRA says:


  4. Joe Hans says:

    These are great shots. Now here’s a photographer that knows his stuff. Plus he has a great model to work with, this guy has the looks, and features to make it big in the industry. Nicholas, much success to you in career as a model.

  5. nathe says:

    it looks very high fashion.. it look great as and believable.. i love it thats hot

  6. marvoi says:

    i agree wit rodrigo, the last one is the best of the bunch

  7. felipe says:

    omg is really amazing i loved

  8. b says:

    very very nice.

  9. Jason says:

    LOOOOOOOVE Karim Sadli’s work!

  10. LP says:

    boring…looks like Willy VDP

  11. Anthony says:

    Beautiful story! Love the pictures, styling is real good too!
    Willy VDP?? C’mon!! this is way more frontal and raw than romantic and depressed!!

  12. feeler says:

    love it .. GREAT PHOTO

  13. jamie says:

    love this shoot i saw him in london with his boyfriend jwanderson such a hot couple love karim work so hot

  14. jamie says:

    loving the shoot just saw him with his boyfriend jwanderson in london and he looked amazing loving karim’s work so hot

  15. zack says:

    so good

  16. matt says:

    yeah. all Karim’s work looks like Willy VDP. I’m not into it.
    Robbie Spencer is amazing though.

  17. Artch Fontana says:

    this very nice picture.

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