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April 24th, 2012 Posted by Janelle comments (13)

Can you keep a secret? Everyone’s favorite pink haired model Charlotte Free is the brand new face of Maybelline. Following in the footsteps of Christy Turlington, Julia Stegner, Erin Wasson and Jessica White before her – Charlotte is the latest model to join the Maybelline family. News like this travels fast, especially when you share it with shameless gossips like P’trique. Take a look at what happens in this funny, fashion insider filled video – there’s no such thing as secret in this business!

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  1. stradivarius says:

    So unique, so unexpected, so cool! I wish,herself to devote more sober way of loving herself…Bravo to Maybeline for pushing the envelope! Congratulations!!!!

  2. glunge says:


  3. Anti. B. says:


  4. kitkat says:

    i know that there’s a love/hate thing with charlotte on the internet but charlotte has SUCH a lovely face.

  5. Olta says:

    Love you Charlotte!!!

  6. neuboi says:

    oh yeah! she deserves it! and she needs to be on the top 50. come on MDC! 🙂

  7. Paul says:

    One more reason IMG is the #1 agency in the world. A small girl with pink hair, albeit beautiful, lands the most coveted type of job in the industry, because a team of people saw past what most would say are drawbacks and believed in her. Congrats to Charlotte for being who she is and IMG for standing behind her. I doubt you would see the same results elsewhere.

  8. Anjali says:

    Her hair barely looks pink in the video. Is she going to downplay the pink now that she’s going mainstream?

  9. joe says:

    She’l clearly only be the face of all the pink products lol

  10. o says:

    brilliant , great marketing !

  11. IS THIS IT? models review says:

    She’s certainly more than just the pink hair… her unique beauty and attitude are very interesting.
    PS hehe and yep, funny video… 🙂

  12. Heidi says:


  13. Robert says:

    Everyone on Tumblr and thefashionspot is fumed about this! Even I can’t stand this decision. It’s nothing personal with Charlotte.

    But really?! When there’re beautiful models out there like Jacquelyn Jablonski and Daria Strokous who deserve beauty campaigns and Charlotte gets it! Not this washout girl.

    Maybelline’s sales are going to DIP severely – and I’ll be there to laugh about it x’DD!!!

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