Bits and Bytes: Thana in Paris

July 9th, 2009 Posted by Betty comments (16)


New face Thana Khunen/Way Model Management,Nathalie Models opens Christian Dior (above) and appears in Jean Paul Gaultier (below). (For more pics, go to Made in Brazil) Pics courtesy of Nathalie.



For all you Natasha Poly lovers (and that includes us), Women Paris has an interview with the enigmatic beauty. For another more outrageous interview, the Fucked Up Crew has one too!

Nylon Guys Magazine has a weekly feature about models! This week, it’s Australian beauty Tallulah Morton.

A fascinating story of the link between Michael Jackson and Versace.

Emily DiDonato is the new Maybelline girl and she’s going to be huge.

Frillr shares a story done by Italian Vanity Fair last year celebrating the style of Michael Jackson.. It’s pretty darn beautiful and Anna Davolio does an excellent job “being” MJ.

We love Daria Werbowy, not just for her beauty but for her realness and intelligence; so do many others.

Sad news of the week! If you haven’t already heard, Imitation of Christ’s Tara Subkoff is diagnosed with a brain tumor, the industry rallies to her help!

Forbes follow the top male models, now if only they can spell their names right!

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  1. Model Whispers says:

    Oh yeah Emily is super hot. She is the next top model, for sure.

  2. Idan says:

    she look so AMAZING on that runway!

  3. Gustavo says:

    So Sean is at the top of the game! very interesting…although id love to know how much he made last year!

  4. Liz C says:

    Not that much considering the type agency he is within. He made more in visibility.
    He made half less in CK than the usual first timer.

  5. openup says:

    The forbes story is informative. Its funny because, Sean Opry was discovered on Model Mayhem by Nole amoungst others and he got the prize..

  6. Confessions of a Bad Boy says:

    Why do I get a feeling that Beyonce might rock this in one of her videos or better yet in her bedroom.

  7. Allison says:

    Oh wow.. the eyebrows, the jaw, the body, the nose. Really really great. Good things are coming this girl’s way, I’m sure.

  8. Rodolfo Ruben says:

    Thana, você arrazou na Dior… isso mesmo querido!!!!
    Muito sucesso!!!!
    Com este corpo que não enrruga guando vai fazer pose ( hehehehee ) vai longe querida… e o carão nem se fala…. super TOP, feita para alta costura… até que enfim os grandes costureiros botaram o olha em você…..

  9. raie says:

    oh my god emily is gorgeous O_O

  10. Jacqui says:

    This girl has an awkward catwalk when opening Dior.

    Plz no more newbies at couture show,give me someone like Erin O’Connor

  11. Lah says:

    Go Thana!

  12. Ocean says:

    love the first pic

  13. debby says:

    The GaGa style is so OMG

  14. antonio barros says:

    I did not know that she is Brazilian!!!

  15. Rick Benn says:

    Thana is the new!!!!!!!!!

  16. esse says:

    Thana is a supermodel. did you notice anything about her look? she is so confident.

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