Strike A Pose

March 14th, 2012 Posted by Janelle comments (3)

Posing – it seems simple enough, but in reality it takes talent. Anyone can pout with their hand on their hip, but it takes a true model to emote. Who better to illustrate a guide on the art of the pose, than industry icon Kirsten Owen a model known for her ability to elevate the editorial pages into the realm of art. Benjamin Alexander Huseby shoots Kirsten in a series of black and white portraits styled by Beat Bolliger for The GentlewomanExploring the “semiotics of posing” the story is a stylish showcase for Owen’s talents and Huseby’s evocative shots call to mind the studio portraits of Hollywood’s Golden Age.

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  1. bunny says:

    simple, understated beauty. Dont think Ive seen her look this good in a long time. Great styling!

  2. Lulu lovefiend says:

    Gentlewoman indeed! I love Kirsten, she always reminds me of gen X. She has this awkward self possesion, like a Wynona Ryder character. I guess she IS an exceptional model.

  3. miguel says:

    Fsacinating. I love. Since ago twenty years.

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