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Vogue takes on the pastel trend with a spirited story by Raymond Meier featuring Anais Pouliot. Accessories take center stage as Elissa Santisi breaks out the big guns with pieces from YSL, Prada and Proenza. A wide arrange of luxurious tech add-ons also feature, because who doesn’t need a Valentino case for their Blackberry?

As always Anais brings her combo of girlish sweetness and sensuality to the table, making her first only girl Vogue story a standout.

MAKEUP Fulvia Farolfi | HAIR Akki Shirakawa

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  1. elven says:

    Anais has grown so much as a model. I remember at the beginning of her high fashion career, she seemed really insecure, but I now see a strong sexy woman subtly oozing in confidence. Even around her model pals with uber edgy appeal, she still manages to stand out. Props.

  2. Abi Schwinck says:

    my gorgeous loulou.

  3. Christopher Y says:

    OMG – sooooo cute!!! so classic yet cheeky at the same time! <3 She looks STUNNING, but i wish she had worked her facial muscles just a tad bit more… it'll create more impact…


  4. subnormal magazine says:

    predictable, boring, and un-daring…for 2012 this falls flat

  5. Milorad Caik says:

    Wonderfull!Very nice!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I've seen great work from Raymond Meier in the past, but this doesn't represent his best work. Flat lighting, superficial concept and rather phony in execution. Let's don't celebrate artificiality and weak imagery.

  7. The Idan says:

    She can work it slightly more. She’s too effortless i think.

  8. Idylwild Wind says:

    Lou Lou?? I thought that was Anais from Trump??

  9. Nik says:

    Picture it…LA, 1962!!! (a la Sophia Petrillo.)

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