Dark Water

July 8th, 2009 Posted by Janelle comments (31)

Prada is always a campaign to watch each season and not just to see what engaging concept Steven Meisel comes up with next. The girls chosen for Prada have a habit of becoming sensations, which makes this season’s selections all the more intriguing. Kendra Spears, Julia Hafstrom and Anna de Rijk join Prada’s signature face Ymre Stiekema for an eerie image that combines cinematic mystery with Prada’s special breed of luxury.


Kendra Spears & Julia Hafstrom


Ymre Stiekema & Anna de Rijk

Images courtesy of Elite Milan/Elite Paris (for Kendra and Ymre)

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  1. Jen says:

    I don’t like it. Julia looks kind of scared and Anna looks emotionless and almost bored. Ymre’s front on pose and expression make her look out of place among the other girls and somewhat crazy. Conversely, I think that Kendra looks gorgeous.

  2. Made In Brazil says:

    Really like it. Love the fact that the girls have their boots actually in the water.

  3. monkeyking says:

    Yawwwwwwwn. How are clones interesting? I miss that old Prada/Amber Valetta cinematic mystery.

  4. Idan says:

    O M G !
    this is so different! very fresh images! lovin the shots! AMAZING!

  5. Jay says:

    I dont like it at all. It’s boring, and I think Meisel could have done better.

  6. Ambigous says:

    Carolyn Murphy is my favorite PRADA ad.

  7. Model Whispers says:

    Ymre steals the show for me.
    I heard there was a horse involved, but I guess not anymore….

  8. Devon says:

    Last seasons Prada campaign was sooo much better, this is boring.

  9. philippe says:

    I would have like to see maybe natasha poly or sasha with all those new girls!

  10. MR WOAH says:

    loved the last campaign, if I saw this in a magazine I’d flip right through it.

  11. GP says:

    Prada ad always been interesting but not this one. The stuff are still Amazing!!!

  12. poo says:

    It’s hard to top last season’s. I like the hair, this is decent. It’s probably really effective. I love how you get the detail on the dresses and the lighting in the hair. My first reaction was that it was boring, but with every few seconds, I like it more. It’s not really showy but it’s not bad at all.

  13. ania says:

    miu miu and prada both so disappointing…!!!!

  14. tilly says:

    boring these all girls look the same what about some color

  15. jay14 says:

    bring Sasha back !!!!

  16. Klye says:

    I liked it better when it’s just Ymre! It loses all of the chic power when you add all of these other girls and it becomes a portrait of some punk rock girl band. dissapointed.

  17. trumancapote says:

    David James form art+commerece s the art director of the last summer ad n he may be probllby the one who planned this too…Meisel just took boring pix of bored models with some of the hottest look of the season as alwasy…unfortunly

  18. Gustavo says:

    Ms Prada might wanted something new for this season! I like the water and the whole mood of the ad…a sort of hellenistic thing that brings the word temperance to my mind, a virtue that few people have.

  19. raie says:

    i don’t know im kinda iffy about it :/

    i like it but im kinda disspointed i guess i wanted to see more maybe more details on the clothes maybe like a powerful pose because i think this collection is strong like tim banks said woman are strong men are powerful i was expecting something like BAM BAM BAM!!!!
    not like “yeah were just dipping our feet….”

    its not i don’t love the photo i love the concept of it i wanted to see some action the movenment in the clothes cause these are beautiful gladitorial looking dress and the body language of the models its just boring the express is like “yeah……”

    if i didnt see the show i wouldn’t buy clothe just from this campaign this campaign does nothing to sell barely able to see the clothe boring

  20. Gabrielle says:

    i love it! i dont know why but i think i love how the colors are so dark. it really makes you look at the clothes, and they look a lot better here then they did on the carpet/runway

  21. Christopher Y says:

    Hmm… on the 1st look, I’m quite indifferent about the campaign… I neither love it or hate it…
    I do think it’s a beautifully shot campaign, however, I find it UNinspirED… and UNinspirING…

  22. Toni K says:

    It’s nice, but when it comes from Meisel, it’s something we won’t remember after this season. Also, the chemistry between the models, some kind of shining that created the big names in early 90s, is missing. They just sit there waiting, when the picture will be taken. And I have to disagree about the way Ymre is sitting. But about the hair… we’re going to hear ‘Rebel Yell’ soon again? 🙂

  23. Jacqui says:

    miu miu and prada both so disappointing…!!!!


    agree…miss 2006 so much!

  24. pony ryder says:

    im so glad kendra is here. this is a great step for her. can u believe that just a year ago not that many designers wanted to book her for a show. in ny.

    anna is so beautiful-gorgeous i may ad, julia is my fav new face. both girls did a great job in the last vogue italia editorial. i thought they owned it.

    i guess its all about ymre. she does stand out here. but then again, she is major prada face at the moment. so no surprise here.

    prada as well as miu miu is a total “thumbs up” for me this season. love the colors and concept!

  25. Model Whispers says:

    Ugh you guys are always complaining. Last season everyone also said they hated it and couldn’t tell girls apart. Now you’re whining that it’s boring. Every time there is something.
    Guys this is an ad to make you go to Prada store and buy shoes and dresses and bags. And here you can see the best of the collection – those leather dresses, gladiator shoes and rubber boots.
    If you wanna see expressions and movements and enterainment turn to Vogue Italia and such.
    Its just an ad dont stress…

  26. MOss77 says:

    BRing SASHA back please… Wat were they thinking?

  27. michael says:

    this doesn’t even look like prada ad! it’s so commercial!! and boring on every level: girls, light, concept, composition…!!
    sad to even look at it. in the past, even if there was 1 aspect of the ad that i didn’t think was amazing, another would blow my mind, it would always deliver something special. this is a disaster. what happened???

  28. Monica says:

    nope nope nope, no good.

  29. ellen says:

    ymre is the only one who looks good.

  30. debby says:

    love the hair so much Anna is my homie now

  31. brucegisele says:

    i know it not her customer base but it would be nice to see alek wek, liya, selesile lopez, rose, arlenis sosa, chanel iman, and jourdan dunn. If she wanted to shock and ad appeal to her viewers. Like ART! the concept of this is great but bad group of girls…..

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