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February 21st, 2012 Posted by Janelle comments (47)

Joan Smalls.
Daniel Sannwald.
Anselm Reyle.
Pop Magazine.

Sannwald and artist Anselm Reyle produce a colorful set of images that elevate the cover page into a gallery space and serve as a creative showcase for fashion’s current queen. Styled by Tamara Rothstein, the shoot features a slew of Dior couture pieces from past and present. (Art Direction and Design by ARPA)

Cover artwork by Xavier Poultney


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  1. Nik says:

    Yay Joan!!! Now just that Vogue Italia cover to solidify her status. (Maybe March is a multi-girl cover.)

  2. bibi says:


  3. SDK says:

    Amazing! I love this girl! She’s so versatile. Happy to see her doing well. Joan and Karlie Kloss should be #1 on models.com. I think it’s time for an update.

  4. Miguel Enrique Valdez Carreras says:

    "Small"…nothing, She s big!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Chelsea says:

    She’s overrated.

  6. Marty says:

    I love Joan. who would have though this commercial model would have entered the high fashion world so easy as Joan has. That’s her only set back, I still she commercial… i guess it shows how versatile she is too.

    @SDK i agree, It’s time for a change I would love to see Freja at one or even Abbey..

  7. jezebel says:

    stunning stunning stunning

  8. anlabe says:

    I don’t like it.

    BTW, you are a bit behind in updating the editorial database or am I wrong.

  9. Janelle says:

    ^ I do not personally handle the editorial database so I can’t answer your question except to say that during fashion month everyone is at shows and/or out of the country and as a result updates may not happen as quickly.

    If you are a model, agent, photographer, photo rep or industry professional with a profile and have a specific question about the editorial database your best bet is to send an email to support@models.com

  10. Otrollolol says:

    anlabe isn’t even a fashion professional, they’re just another model stan who has no life but pestering the mdc staff.

  11. Dreamsoflenny says:

    It has been incredible watching this girl from the Givenchy exclusive to where she is now. She will definitely be one we will remember.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I like it. The same issue is still apparent. She’s the only black/Spanish girl. Joan has white features, which still preturbs me that there’s still a lack of diversity. This is 2012 and high yellow vs. brown skin needs to die this year. Congrats Joan! It’s expected that the token black woman gets a cover. Jourdan, Arlenis, Chanel, Sessilee… All look alike to me.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Jasmine is up next as the next baby Lais.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Anais Mali thank god is the shit.

  15. modellobello says:


  16. Mags says:

    Designers and the fashion industry are ready to bring back supermodels.
    Joan and Karlie will solidify the return of the Supers. Mark my words!!!

    This Time around the supermodels will be GOOD GIRLS with “IT” factor, of course, and not your nasty demanding Divas.

    Designers learned their lessons from the 80s & 90s, and this time around they will get it right. ; )

  17. TeeVanity says:


  18. The Idan says:

    Joan! Loves it! She’s very much POP! Oh sick! Gonna get a copy!

  19. Maurice says:

    Yesssss Mother!

  20. Maurice says:

    Werk it out Ms.Smalls

  21. poo says:

    Look forward to getting this. Saw her on the subway last year and she even sits pretty.

  22. helena polowski says:

    wayy too much photoshopping

  23. futuresmine says:

    what an amazing girl. everyone backstage loves her energy. such a gem. joan karlie or karmen definitely need to take the number one position on mdc’s ranking of top models

  24. futuresmine says:

    IMO there’s actually little to no photoshopping if you ask me

  25. King says:

    Anonymous… You must be an imbecile… All of the ‘black’ women you just named are not ONLY of African ancestry. In short, they have some European or Native ancestry thrown in there (to say the least)… As with most ‘black’ women of Caribbean, American, etc. nationalities.

    None of those women look alike! Different all around!!! Different noses, face shapes, bone structures, eyes, lips.. GO AWAY ANON! You don’t need to have dark skin and have a wide nose to provide some diversity… Moron. We are a diverse bunch and what exactly is ‘white’ about Joan anyways? If I am to briefly descend to your level of mediocrity one could say… She doesn’t have a button, narrow, pointy nose… She has full lips, mocha skin…

    Do some research on ethnic anthropology and keep up with what is currently going on, so many ethnic backgrounds are coming together and ‘mixing’, almost everyone is a mix of something.

    BTW, stunning tears. Love her bone structure and skin.

  26. Sam Dauphin says:

    I dont like the fact that they consider Joan Smalls a black model…shes NOT she’s bi-racial and to make her the “token blackgirl” is already racist enough but to have her be a representation of black beauty is just horrifying. She’s beautiful and deserves what she get but I wanna see clients using darker skinned and more true black models (nyasha, jourdan, ajak, etc.)

  27. Janelle says:

    C’mon now. Joan considers herself a black woman and she is the only person who can attach labels to herself. You can be Black and Latina, you can be Black and European, you can be black and Asian – it doesn’t make someone else a “true” black person just because they have darker skin.

    I want clients to use women who are representative of all types of beauty too, but I don’t find it horrifying to think of Joan as a valid representation of black beauty. Isn’t one of the things that makes black beauty so special the fact that it encompasses so many different looks? There is no one vision of what it means to be black.

  28. futuresmine says:

    she considers herself black and latina, not one or the other. Sam, black people comes in all colors. In fact, a lot of black people aren mixed or have parents that have a mix. Besides, no one say they’re booking her because she’s the black girl…they book her because she’s strong, impressionable and makes things look amazing! Drop the topic. If you want to book other girls, become a casting director or designer and do it. Until then, stop discrediting and hating on the girl.

  29. Sam Dauphin says:

    I understand and I’m proud of her success, I’m consider myself black as well even though I have a very light complextion but I prefer a more african beauty. Lets face it she bi-racial, its not about what she considers herself it’s about what she look like, and she doesn’t look BLACK.

  30. Sam Dauphin says:

    futuresmine I’m not hating on her where did you get that?

  31. Jade says:

    Why does every article about an ethnic model have to result in a racial war? EVERYONE JUST SHUT UP & ENJOY THE FREAKIN PHOTOS!!!!!!!!!

  32. Sam Dauphin says:

    @Jade cause ppl are aware of racism

  33. Jade says:

    @Sam- People are aware of racism? WOW!!!! That’s such a shocking revelation. What point are you trying to prove exactly? You’re the one who originally commented on how she isn’t a black model. As a biracial woman myself, I hate it when race has to be brought up constantly. This is a fashion editorial. Simple as that. There is no need to direct it & make it bigger than what it is. If you look back at other MDC articles, you will see that every time a “black” model is showcased, someone like you has to bring race into the conversation. Do you think you are actually helping race relations in the modeling industry by saying someone isn’t black? You are irrelevant, so please keep your narrow minded opinions to yourself. 😀

  34. futuresmine says:

    @jade, nicely put.

  35. Sam Dauphin says:

    first of all, calm down honey. Second she BI-RACIAL meaning she’s part black. I have a voice and if I want to express it I will, just skip through if it urks you so much. Joan smalls has a lot of white features (lighter skin, hair, facial features) she to is not a correct representaion of black beauty, she has some but not fully. Nowadays fashion wants “black models” that look closer to white/european features, thus having more bi-racial girls as a “token black girl”. It’s racist.

  36. Jade says:

    @sam- Who are you to say that she isn’t a correct representation of black beauty? That is the most ignorant statement I’ve ever heard. I think if you got your head out of your a$$ for 2 seconds, you would wake up & realize that their are millions of light skinned black people all around the world. Are you telling me that I’m not a good representation of black people? What does someone have to do to be considered acceptable to an important person like you? Does she need to become 32 shades darker & grow an afro? Will that be acceptable for you? You basically want the fashion world to reinforce stereotypes of ethnic beauty. I really think you should just shut up now. It is racist for you to even call her the “token black girl”. She is a girl who is doing very well in the industry, and she just happens to be black.

  37. futuresmine says:

    SHE’s on the cover of Italian VOGUE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Nik says:

    ^Yep, and I called it a week ago!! So I think at this point in time, its safe to say that Lara and Joan are IMGs top girls no? (Where the hell is my Freja!!)

  39. Sam Dauphin says:

    Uhmm i’m a black so therefore I can say that. And I am light-skin too honey so relax.and how the fuck is that reinforcing stereotypes. And if you knew about fashion, you’d know that there’s always a “token black girl” its been an issue since the beginning a fashion. Do your studying. MY ISSUE (which you seem to not understand) is if there gonna do “token black girl” make sure she looks like a black girl. If that FACT angers you…than take it with you..i dont care. Simple.

  40. Nigel S. says:


    Joan is quite the supermodel and what an ascension in the making to behold! I could not be any more thrilled for her.
    There is always a moment whenever she steps onto the runway. I cannot describe this intangible event but it’s there. She walks with the confidence and the intensity of all the girls of the show combined – pure magic.

    And the best part of it all is that her rise did not appear forced by the industry as was the case with some recent stars whose praises were sung high before the proof was set in stone.

    Vive la Joan.

  41. Sam Dauphin says:

    @nigel why are you saying name??

  42. Jade says:

    @Sam- Since when does she NOT look like a black girl? She is the same shade range as Beyonce, Zoey Saldana, Tyra Banks, etc. Sure, they are all light skinned, but they are also black. For you to say she doesn’t look a black girl is downright insulting, especially if you are light skinned yourself. Black comes in many shades. I don’t need to do my studying on token black girls. In fact, I think YOU are the one who needs to do some research. Joan is obviously the most successful of all the current black girls, but there are others who are doing very well. Jourdan is a Burberry girl, Chanel has a VS contract, Arlenis has a Lancome contract, etc. There are more working black models out there now as opposed to 5 years ago. Oh, and I think Nigel is saying your name because he doesn’t understand your idiotic comment. I can’t say I blame him. Maybe you should just go sit down somewhere & shove your narrow minded opinions up your a$$. 😀

  43. Nik says:

    @sam….Diary of A Mad Black Woman……??

  44. futuresmine says:

    I think models.com should do a post on Joan’s Vogue italia cover. It’s such a big moment!! And then they should make her #1 on models.com.

    Somewhere between now and then…sam should quit his ignorant commentary.

  45. sam says:

    hahaha! i find it funny how mad you guys are, it brings joy to my day thankyou….if me saying a bi-racial girl isn’t black beauty is ignorant, than you tell me what is… like I said I dont care who likes or not…if it makes you upset, tough luck with you. I pray that some other black girl does something besides joan.

  46. sam says:

    zoe solonda, halle berry, etc. are NOT black honey they’re BI-RACIAL…beyonce is the WORST representation of black ppl cause she wears blond weaves and they always over edit her skin to be so much lighter. There this whole issue with using girls who look more white because it fits with the european beauty standards…thats why alot of black gorls say they can’t really relate to beyonce.This is FACT so if you arue you look stupid

  47. carola says:

    She’s reaching supermodel status! Gorgeous face, body, and a great model, sweet girl too. And boricua like me!

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