Abbey Road

June 30th, 2009 Posted by Janelle comments (17)

One might expect the pairing of Aussie sexpot, Abbey Lee Kershaw and king of decadence Terry Richardson to produce a steamy end result but the duo’s collaboration for Vogue Nippon manages to be sexy without ever delving into debauchery. The simple black and white pictures of Abbey looking tough in leather and heels showcase George Cortina‘s bad girl styling and provide just a hint of naughtiness. Less is more but we can’t help but miss the sinful ways of Terry’s more in your face work.


Image Credit | MAGStyle @ tFS

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  1. CANDID says:

    Abbey Lee and those Australian girls at Next are redefining COOL !!!

  2. Gustavo says:

    Abbey is just sooo beautiful! Wanna see her pics from Pirelli calendar asap!

  3. moh feat co says:

    the girl knows what she wants

  4. Ambigous says:

    Abbey means business….Australians are the next Russians….

  5. AJP says:

    I love her! She delivers in every single shot she has. And she has a personality

  6. tilly says:

    shes so bad(as in good)!!!

  7. pony ryder says:

    she looks like a 60′ movie star

  8. trumancapote says:

    Abbey s really hot like a movie star n Richardson once a gain totally uselss…was uselss when he was doing soft porn n even more now that s not able to convoy any feeling …she just look good but he pix r totally flat…the styling s medioeval…lol

  9. AJP says:

    I think trumancapote’s opinion would be taken more seriously if his/her grammar was even close to correct

  10. epuk says:

    lol! totally! (to AJP’s comment)

  11. ania says:

    it’s probably terry’s most boring editorial i have witnessed!!!

  12. flea says:

    LOving the last shot! so hot

  13. fashionista from down under says:

    ABBEY is one HOT chix for sure and she ROCKS the modelling world !!

  14. Confessions of a Bad Boy says:

    Love this! She looks a little like Paulina Poriskova no?

  15. Tom_Linkens says:

    trumancapote might’ve also been taken seriously…if Terry Richardson wasn’t hated on constantly on Model Mayhem. Despite it all he’s doing stuff like this Vogue Nippon pictoral.

    Damn Terry Richardson for making me the second most hated photographer in the industry though.

  16. BRUCESGISELE says:


  17. Anka says:

    Shes very nice girl!

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