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Sui He brings style to the pages of Vogue Japan in a striking series of images by Terry Richardson. Were used to seeing Terry’s signature snapshot style, but Sui’s presence adds a layer of elegance, even when she’s dressed in neon zebra print chosen by George Cortina.

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  1. Gustavo says:

    Im waiting for the day when people will finally realize that Terry Richardson´s body of work is actually the portfolio of a 20-something-would-be-fashion-designer amateur. The responsiveness to his work by the fashion crowd is

  2. Gustavo says:


  3. Ling says:

    Sui He is killing it, love this story .. and another cover !!! .. WOW

  4. k says:

    she is divine

  5. dupont says:

    finally they use an asian…

  6. GP says:

    Gorgeous but why the same pose all over?

  7. James says:

    Sui He….AMAZE

  8. Josh says:

    Does Terry ever get bored of shooting the same ole sh!t? ugh (Sui He looks good) but still UGH

  9. lulu lovefiend says:

    The head shots kinda remind me of that beauty ed in vogue paris with Tao Okamoto. The angle of the head, the hairstyle, even the damn lipstick. Come to think of it I think terry did that too. Im just going to enjoy the fact that vogue nippon, which is eurocentric to the point of being ridiculous, used an asian model. I wish they would use lesser known japanese models and jumpstart their careers but thats clearly too much to ask and it would probably suffer the fate of vogue taiwan from its european fanbase

  10. MM says:

    what issue is it???

  11. cyril jordan says:

    im glad that though she’s chinese…. she have this filipina look. not too narrow eyes…

  12. poo says:

    I like the cover.

  13. hellodkwhyusaygoodbye says:

    GORGEOUSSSSS!!! i love love this girl

  14. model.watcher says:

    Great, another cover for Sui, she’s doing amazing.. love these images.

  15. MoNaMoUr says:


  16. www.BruceEdwin.com says:

    Japan girls rock! Sui looks super hot

  17. Monique says:

    Love the bright colors here and the styling as well, but the poses are a bit repetitive.

  18. Marcos says:

    Wow .. Seems Sui & Terry are having a love fest, she’s on the cover of V magazine as well !! 4 covers since September .. that’s amazing

  19. Pierre says:

    Loving this cover .. Sui He is giving you face !!

  20. nandos says:

    Holy crap she is crazy beautiful. With some extra poise she could be the next Du Juan!

  21. Yasmin says:

    I agree with Gustavo and MoNaMoUr…

    His work is overrated and boring… and always the same!

  22. The Editor says:

    lame. he’d done better sticking to his guns; bare chest and ass.

  23. TpC says:

    love the eye makeup

  24. JAKE FUKK says:

    PERFECT mood

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