Fly Girl

June 11th, 2009 Posted by Janelle comments (15)

Peter Lindbergh takes Heidi Mount up up and away for Bazaar, casting her as Amelia Earhart in an aviation themed editorial. The black and white story is in classic Lindbergh style with Heidi displaying her talent for reinvention with a short bob in Earhart’s signature style. She looks right at home surrounded by vintage planes and retro cars. The simple, effective story may be the saving grace of the July issue.

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  1. inDie says:

    this is really good! Heidi never disappoints, her printwork is impeccable

  2. poo says:

    I quite like these pictures. I used for find PL boring but ever since that Bazaar issue, I’m into him. The first two are terrific.

  3. AJP says:

    Nice pics. For a moment I saw Jessica Stam in the first shot. Pretty

  4. Zakuro says:

    The Pilot clothes, Retro car and plane, and Air force guys in those days,,,Historical American Chic Look Pictures in the Past time.
    Heidi looks good in this story.

  5. moments says:

    good~!I like it…

  6. moments says:


  7. gise says:

    saving grace indeed!
    we need more eds like this to save our stale fashion publications.
    take note!

  8. Charlotte says:

    she looks like Stam.. so much like Stam in this editorial.. the eyes, the smile, everything

  9. DODO says:


  10. phil says:

    i think she looks more like natalia vodianova

  11. Antonio Barros says:

    This editorial is amazing! I loved the retro style!

  12. Skip Meucci says:

    Outstanding images! Great look! I like the B&W. As a former commercial pilot Heidi could be my crew anytime.

  13. AZ says:

    I swear i thought that she was jessica stam….she looks adorable in those pictures.

  14. Tammy says:

    I like this style..nature elegant cool^^

  15. ntawukuriryayop says:

    very smart

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