Faded Glory

June 10th, 2009 Posted by Janelle comments (23)

Sessilee Lopez, shines bright for Vogue Italia. Tom Munro uses a washed out color palate and a vacant garage as a backdrop but even the grim setting and hazy lighting can’t hide Sessilee’s unique charms. Posing in a platinum wig and a series of eclectic hats, Sessilee is captivating but does the hazy and faded look of the pictures make it difficult to take in beauty? Tell us what you think.




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  1. debby says:

    I like the Hair Legs and Heels
    she rocks

  2. Whodunnit? says:

    She is looking otherworldly. I love it.

  3. RODRIGO DUTRA says:

    I really loved this editorial
    very very beatiful,the light is perfect,the idea,the heels(LOVE THEM) and,of course,the model, Sessilee is incredible.and is very cool the black models are so strong nowadays shooting editorials for all important fashion magazines, that`s make me happy

  4. kelly says:

    she is amazing

  5. Maria says:

    In my opinion this is Absurd. This is the exact reason why young black girls grow up in america wanting to be white. What purpose does this serve? I don’t even see a story!I rarely every see people airbrushing white women to make them look black, so why should black women have to go through it? What on earth was the point of this? And you guys are right the haziness takes away from Sessilee!

  6. LuvisGrand says:

    ^^ LOL Maria. Not everything has to be viewed through a racial lense, these are beautiful pictures. Sessilee doesn’t look white, if anything the contrast of the platinum wig on her makes it even more obvious she isn’t white. And since when do fashion editorials have to tell a story? It’s all about the clothes and the image.

  7. Daniel says:

    I love Sessilee but I agree with the haziness. I don’t think the photo shoot meant having to do anything with her color or race but I do not like the lighting that is used. It makes her look too pale and in all honesty, you can’t really see her beautiful face.

  8. Mike says:

    Wow! I thought this editorial was amazing because IMO, Sessilee and Munro told the story of a woman who had a dream in music but prostituted herself to make a living.

    That’s more obvious when you see the entire editorial.

    Besides, who cares – LOOK AT SESSILEE’S LEGS!!!!! They are to die for! Somebody better insure them for a few million buck, cause they are worth it!

    Go Sessilee!

  9. DooDiva says:

    WOW. Love that clothes!! Despite Haziness and Fade look, yet Sessilee work them out, baby!!

    No wonder, she tends to take on diffcult assigments like this one.

    What a FIERCE model!!

    Oh, by the way, Sessilee works that wig!! Damn, love that killer legs!

    Go Girl!

  10. devon says:

    yay for sesilee consistently appearing in vogue italia..im still thinking about the editorial.

  11. Idan says:

    i love the whole thing! <3

  12. Ambigous says:

    inspired by Lady GaGa?

  13. raie says:


  14. Maria says:

    Luvis I agree with you in some areas, however how many people of ethnicity do you see on the runways and in editorials??? Ask yourself that question. Of course editorials are about the image and the clothes, but great photographers like Steven Meisel make a cohesive image that exudes the essence of beauty! Sessilee is fierce in this…She reminds me of a futuristic Geisha : ) We will always just be able to agree to disagree lolz.

  15. Maria says:

    Ok now I need to see the rest of the editorial to see the story!!!!!!!!

  16. Christopher Y says:

    WOW-wee, she does NO wrong!!!

  17. Ryo says:

    Love the second and third images posted.

  18. Ryan Clark says:

    finally suitable images for her

  19. DODO says:


  20. Mike says:

    Maria, it looks like the mirror thing is that she’s what she sees but she is a smart woman, thus the reading.

    Get the magazine and let me know how you interpret it. That’s what I go out of it.

    There is a series of shots of her walking up to a car-getting out of a car, which is very street-walker like, but the shots are amazing!

    To me, it’s even MORE amazing how Sessilee can transform from Grace Jones, to Bai Ling-like (with those eyes) in this editorial, to a Victoria’s Secret model to a drop-dead gorgeous girl on the red carpet who fits in with all of the Hollywood celebs. NOW THAT’S A MODEL!

  21. Mike says:

    Maria, it looks like the mirror thing is that she’s DOESN’T LIKE what she sees but she is a smart woman, thus the reading. . .

  22. Samantha says:

    Sessilee looks amaze! everyone knows she’s black, I don’t think this gives any mixed messages (to Maria’s comment)…the haziness is artistic and she shines through it. The garage setting is sick and genuis. Def putting these shots on my blog, O.M.O. Writes and the blog I contribute to VIII XXIX


  23. simplylovely says:

    ^ Yeah Maria art is art. Modelling is another way of acting or playing different characters in each snapshot. I’ve seen beautiful art work of white models and black makeup and I’ve been turn off by many of them as well. The lighting and wig gives of a sort of Asian presence. Just be thankful the photos aren’t the typical stereotyped photos so many photographers end up screwing up. These photos are beautiful and shows how versatile Sessilee really is.

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