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September 10th, 2011 Posted by Janelle comments (37)

Sebastian Faena.
Joan Smalls.
Carlyne Cerf De Dudzeele.

Blondes have more fun and Joan Smalls proves it with a gorgeous tribute to bleached blonde popstars in V Magazine‘s Heroes Issue. The story is extravagant and completely over the top – pure Carlyne!

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  1. Gustavo says:

    that´s Mary J Blige showing some fashion drama

  2. TeeVanity says:


  3. papercut says:

    great ed.
    joan smalls is pulling out the big guns!

  4. sloan says:

    incredible! Joan looks spectacular!!!

  5. Boom says:

    It reminds me of Post-Donatella Versace…lol

  6. e.d says:

    This story is really beautiful.

  7. bo says:

    sick bod.

  8. Ali says:


  9. charlotte says:

    totally thought she was beyonce from the pic on the main page

  10. Michael says:

    Love Joan, and I love this editorial. She’s been killing it lately. Why is it in VMan tho?

  11. CHUNGKIT says:

    Incredible. Beyonce, eat your heart out. (ps, I believe this is for V, not V Man)

  12. Ryo Stylin says:

    I thought it was Beyonce when I saw the thumbnail

  13. Marty says:

    @ Roy Stylin: ME TOO!

    But i love this! Great Work Joan

  14. pedro says:

    yes it’s is in september V and its amazing

  15. Nick says:

    Go get em Ms. Smalls

  16. umm says:



  17. carola says:

    Is there anything Joan can’t do? She has supermodel written all over her.

  18. Michael says:


  19. Xanax says:

    Joan Smalls rocking that blonde hair! She is so versatile!

  20. Mags says:

    What a fierce creature

  21. Duoduo Xu says:

    Common,guys! She’s overrated.

  22. says:

    this is to die for!

    too bad we missed her the alexander wang show!! turns out she had a scheduling conflict. must be something big!!

  23. Josh says:

    @carlota- and she she was supposed to open PRABAL GURUNG!!!

  24. Monique says:

    ABCDEFG I love this! Joan looks FAWESOMEEEEEE. <3 Definitely one of my favorites now.

  25. LeRene89 says:

    This is beyond.

  26. brucegisele says:

    waaaaaaaay major… Donatella needs to snatch Ms.Joan and totally go 90’s on her… that would be epic… too major !~

  27. DavidR. says:

    This is amazing .

  28. Michael Patras says:


  29. Gav says:

    Joan rocked this shoot. So versatile from the Last magazine cover.

  30. Lawrence D. says:

    Joan is one beautiful lady who defines beauty.

  31. Ternell says:


  32. samanthaT says:

    I hear Joan had yet another conflict during Fashion Week that left her in London before the close of NYFW. Too bad Joan left for London Wednesday (after Anna Sui) and couldn’t be in town for Thursday shows like Marc Jacobs 🙁 First, she couldn’t open Prabal Gurung and then she has to miss Alexander Wang! I guess these are the conflicts that occur when you become a supermodel!

  33. Josh says:

    @samanthaT- Where did you hear this? Can you send us a link?

  34. dsquared shoes says:

    yes it’s is in september V and its amazing

  35. samanthaT says:

    @Josh –…prabal-gurung/

  36. samanthaT says:
  37. Stancu Emil says:

    veri nice work

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