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September 7th, 2011 Posted by Betty comments (16)

Like most people, we love a good list. Client Magazine’s new book: 100 Faces of 2011 is out and it’s full of their favorite men, from Brazilian favorites like Marlon Texeira and Francisco Lachowski to industry staples Sean O, Simon and Clement to newbies Jacob Young and Sam Lawson. Here’s a preview of some of the cooler images and newer faces from the book. For the full list of 100 and to buy/download the book, click here. Tell us your favorites and anyone you think they forgot in the comments.

Marlon Teixeira was hearted by Client as their face of 2011 (ph by Dimitris Theocharis)

Sebastian Sauvé is beautiful in color or black and white (ph by Ian Cole)

Kristiina Wilson captures Rob Evans uber masculinity

As one of the Burberry campaign faces, Jacob Young only gets better with age, photographed by Ian Cole.

It’s easy to see why Dior Homme loves Victor Nylander (ph by Dennis Stenild)

We adore Corey Baptiste‘s million dollar smile (by Kristiina Wilson)

Who doesn’t love twins? Especially the Stenmark twins (Jordan and Zac)… (by Ian Cole)

We’re so glad that Paul Boche is finally getting his due this season (by Kristiina Wilson)

For Kristiina Wilson images, styling by Michelle Carimpong

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  1. kiki says:

    I literally had to catch my breath after seeing that pic of marlon! I like the black and white one with Sebastian Sauve too.

  2. augusten says:

    no andrej??

  3. Molly says:

    Marlon is hottest and most beautiful male model ever.I can’t stop looking at his photo.

  4. riviera_cacharel says:

    I’m super pleased to see Marlon get the #1 spot,he so deserves it.

    Glad to see my other favorite boys : Francisco Lachowski,Arthur Sales,Corey Baptiste and Ethan James make the list.

    But i would have liked to see :Thiago Santos,Willy Cartier,Jaco van den Hoven,Nikola Jovanovic on the list too

    And last but not least my 2 favorite new faces : Zakaria Khiare and Eryck Laframboise because i think those 2 could have a promising future ahead of them.

  5. bruno says:

    why that much of photoshop on Marlon? he doesn’t need it…

  6. sebastian says:

    Oh dear Lord,what are you doing to us Marlon?Do you always need to be that sexy,it’s just killing us.

  7. GP says:

    Marlon is too hot! I llove the Aussie twinks too..

  8. kiki says:

    @Riv, 100% agreed. I would have loved to see Alex Cunha and Sam Way on this list.

  9. Barrio Dimitri says:

    Favorites are Rob, Marlon, Corey and Sebastian! In complete love with this spread, glad that male models are finally being appreciated to a greater extent. 🙂


  10. whowhatear says:

    I bought the book and read it, this preview is better! the book… well not so much…

  11. lauren says:

    brilliant, looking forward to seeing the whole list!

  12. James Wilsom says:

    Love Dimitris Theocharis, love his work, this shot of Marlon is superb, faultless and brilliant. JW

  13. CHUNGKIT says:

    All beautiful boys, but how is Paolo Roldan or any other Asian model not on this list??

  14. Jia says:

    Benoni should be on that list…

  15. Svetlana says:

    Where is SLAVA? HE’s the most beautiful thing on EARTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. dsquared shoes says:

    All beautiful boys, but how is Paolo Roldan or any other Asian model not on this list??

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