Sea Change

August 31st, 2011 Posted by Janelle comments (8)

Julia Nobis sets sail for Tush with a dramatic naval themed story by Armin Morbach. Dressed in a series of ensembles that mix fetish-chic with nautical high fashion, Julia looks resplendent. Katrin Gerhardy ‘s strong styling combined with Morbach’s sleek imagery makes for a truly chic story.

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  1. Josh says:

    God I love Tush

  2. The Editor says:

    This is refreshing, not completely styled outside what has been so popular, but outside the normal setting

  3. Eamon says:

    Great ed.

    I love Julia. She creates an air of fragility and loneliness that not many girls can. There’s something incredibly remarkable about her ‘unremarkable’ features.

  4. carola says:

    I get Julia’s appeal as an “it girl”, not as a fashion model, sorry. Cool story though.

  5. anastasia beverhausen says:

    Great story but unfortunately Julia can’t pull it off here. Love her but wrong casting, she seems absent…

  6. J. says:

    ^ They wouldn’t publish an editorial of her looking “absent” unless that was the point. Therefore Julia pulls it off perfectly, as always. Looooooove Julia!!

  7. jazzy says:

    great styling but the skin retouching is really mad!!

  8. M.ia says:


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